Japan tragedy- How is your family helping?

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    Marzimeposted 6 years ago

    Today when I was going to pay my discover card bill, I noticed I had cash back rewards. I then saw I was able to donate the balance to red cross to help Japan so I did!

    I wanted to share this information in hopes others will donate in their own way. I know times are hard but anything will help. Redcross.org if you are looking to donate.

    Watching CNN with all the updates, footage and few reunions really got to me. My heart goes out to Japan. We all must help. Please share if you have and ways people can contribute here.

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    Eaglekiwiposted 6 years ago

    Yep ,good idea,if it works for you smile

    Im still trying to help family in New Zealand ,after their earthquake and several aftershocks.

    I give when I can to different charities.

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      Marzimeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That is wonderful! I give to multipe charities as well all year round. It is great to hear when others do too.

      I learned to live with less. I give clothes every month to those in need instead of having so many options of clothes and shoes in my closet collecting dust. Then every time I am at the super market, I donate to help  child abuse victims, and animal cruelity tins instead of buy more then one option of cereal or potato chips that I do not need. Then I have wonderful friends that walk for causes and I donate. I was definitely caught by surprise when I saw 50 dollars in my cash back rewards from my own shopping for food, and gas. Discover gives you 5% cash back. I donated it to redcross for the relief efforts. I know its small but I am positive every little bit helps. It is hard to  help out with everything financially so I try to find new ways I can work with what I have to give.

      Thank you for sharing and being so kind to give to others.