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What Is the Role of Parents in Modern Education?; a Brief

Updated on August 11, 2013

The role of parents

The role of parents in the success of their children is most important as all parents want their children to success in school. Not only in education but also in whole life, continues support from parents is crucial to sustain a student’s confidence and sense of achievement.


Every parent dreams of a model child. your child is a unique creation with infinite potentials and talents. Parents should begin dreaming of a model child even before pregnancy. Dream your cute, intelligent, loving creature when it is still in the womb. Lead a serene, solemn life during pregnancy. Begin training the child right from birth. How to develop its sense? How to extend, widen and enlarge its skills and talents? How to lay the foundation to transform it into genius? How to educate it by the play-way method? How to instill values and self-confidence? A lot if information to train the child up to graduate level and yet beyond presented in lucid, non-technical style with stories, examples and so on.


Parents play many distinct roles in their children’s education. Understanding of these roles can help you to support your child step up towards the challenges of learning process.
As we came to understand the problems, need, interest and abilities of our children in the area of their study, we will become better equipped to deal effectively with our difficulties and to achieve our hopes.
All parents and guardians are responsible to provide total guidance on physical, mental, spiritual, social, educational and career development in the crucial stage for their own children.

Many parents are not able to give enough guidance to their children due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of time in their daily routine.
  • Lack of knowledge on educational psychology, guidance and counseling.
  • Some of them resist to tell certain delicate information of their children.
  • Lack of ethical and moral values.

Many parents do not know that they clearly have rights in terms of their children’s education. The role of parents in the learning process of their children hes been recognizes as a significant factor in educational success and school improvement.
It is a pleasure that the environment which is unsupportive to the school and unsupportive of the educational process is coming to an end. But the poor background in another manner is still alive. parents from the middle class backgrounds would feel able to help their children’s learning process. But it is clear everything we know that parents find it much harder to engage with numeracy and other study materials. So that the students don’t get enough support at home. It is sad to say that some of working class parents does not stimulate their children adequately and in particular doesn’t develop their languages.

Keep in touch

Nothing helps a child succeed like an involved parent. A little willingness from a child’s parents can work wonders in the classroom. Parents want their children to succeed in school, But a parents role in that success must not be underestimated. In school as in life, consistent support from parents is crucial to sustaining a student’s confidence and sense of achievement.
Stay in touch with your child’s assignments, tests and ongoing projects. Set aside time each day to offer help. Be available and enthusiastic and connect with their teachers regularly to keep up with how things are going in the classroom. If you find your child needs extra help, be active in getting it, work with them yourself. Tutoring your own children can be rewarding for both of you. Encouraging your children to learn is a wonderful thing. But do remember they also need ‘downtime’-it’s just as important for educational development as structured learning - so give your children some freedom, and don’t be a hyperactive parent!


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    • tippusunu profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from India

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      Dream is it the idea imagined during the sleep. Is it the conception in mind? Is it the thought of the past time?. Many questions came into my mind when I tried to know what really a Dream is.

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