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What is really About Religion and Science

Updated on August 17, 2013

“Science doesn’t require religion for its existence and religion doesn’t need science for its existence, but man need both”
- Frit jot Capra.

Ever since the dawn of civilization men of wisdom-Intellectuals and scholars, Philosophers and politicians, were in divided campus in their contentions over the relative worth and dignity of science and religion. Now as we are in the 21st century the debate still remains hos as ever. It is indeed difficult to integrate the views regarding the evolution of religions as they are numerous and mutually contradicting. The faculties of human mind like fear, wonder, intelligence, logic, Ignorance, Insight, Intuition, etc had unquestionable impact on its development. In the early days all branches of knowledge like religion, medicine, politics, poetics, ethics, physics and metaphysics come under the general purview of the philosophy. In course of time each branch developed in its own way. deviating from the main stream and some of instance, religion and science fell at logger heads. In the east till the advent of western education, these developments were harmony with religious doctrines that resulted in their symbiosis. during the medieval age many eastern scholars enriched scientific researches, though they followed religious believes. But, Europe was the cradle of ignorance till the renaissance period. This “Darkism” lead to inevitable fight between religion and science in medieval age. The technological out cry against the scientific development compelled the philosophers and scientists of the middle age to formulate their conclusion in accordance with ecclesiastical decrease. Charles Darwin was forced to add the phrase ‘By the creator’ in the final sentence of the second edition of ‘The origin of species’ to conciliate the angry clerics. this unrelenting attitude of religious people virtually made the religions static compared to the dynamism of science. the result was the gradual decay of religious influence on the society. nevertheless, the scientific researches till sir Isaac Newton were more or less influenced by religious concept Newtons mechanistic model of world is an excellent example of this influence. But, as progressed step wise at an amazing pace, the result of science and believes of religion came into frank disagreement. this period of history promoted the ideals of atheism, rationalism and Marxism. Anti-religious drive through the world was at its pinnacle during this period of history. Eminent thinker and psychologist, Sigmund Freud even went to the extent of declaring that “there is no future for the illusion called religion”.


To any definite conclusion concerning the challenges that confront the modern world, it is essential to understand the connection that exists between these two seemingly opposing spheres.Religion is mainly a phenomenon of heart, the main weapon in its armory is faith, while science rests totally on reason. Religion has been presented as valuable tool for ordering life through right conduct. its unrelenting attitude towards the contemplation of moral and aesthetic values and the fear it arouses in the name of God prevents an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. Though science gets the credit for whatever this generation has achieved materially, religion continues to be a ray of hope of millions. George Bernard Shaw once remarked “life will lose its charm when faith is replaced by cold scientific reason.”

In the 21st century we are left with an undaunted task of utilizing insidiously the benefits of both. The atrocities that are being perpetrated in this world, with the help of science can definitely are being reduced if the scientific outlook develops with a religious flavor. Thus, science and religion can complement each other, and at times each can act a filter for the other to purge them. This, reconciliation will definitely yield a vision, a vision for the new age based on simplicity, co-operation, integrity, purify and peace.


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    • tippusunu profile image

      tippusunu 4 years ago from India

      about Religion and Science

      “Science doesn’t require religion for its existence and religion doesn’t need science for its existence, but man need both”

      - Frit jot Capra.