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vTech Bugsby Reading System

Updated on November 1, 2010

vTech Bugsby

VTech is a proud manufacture of educational toys for children. They've been making entertaining games and devices since 1976 that children love. VTech products are on many childrens' wish list and many parents want to buy them.

Once again VTech has created a great toy that is innovative and helps your children read. The Bugsby Reading System uses a unique pen-touch technology. When you purchase Bugsby, you receive a reader pen and a start book, but you'll be guaranteed that one book won't last you long. Your children will want to keep reading as long as they have Bugsby to help them through the tough words.

Each book comes with a cartridge that you'll insert into Bugsby. You don't have to download anything and everything is easy to use. When you're child isn't reading his Vtech book, the cartridge can be stored within the book, so that you always know where it is and your books and cartridges don't get mixed up.

Children between the ages of 3 and 8 will find many books that they will enjoy reading.

Check out some of the available books that your child may like, they feature some of the more familiar TV characters, and check out whether or not you think that the learning aspects of VTech Bugsby will be a benefit to your child.

VTech Bugsby Review

For $30, you and your child will appreciate. The storybook can read just like any other book, but when your child gets stuck, the Bugsby pen will read to him. You can use Bugsby to help your child learn skill building games, comprehension, letters, spelling, writing, sentence structure, phonics, and word recognition, as well as improve vital reading skills. Bugsby can help with alphabetical order, rhyming, punctuation, consonants, and even adjectives. Depending on the story, the learning adjectives will vary.

The book will prompt your child when it's time to turn the page, and even your youngest will want to try it out. Children who use the VTech Bugsby pen will start to show great improvement in their reading abilities.

There is a wide variety of stories available for each age group, and many feature familiar characters such as Dora the Explorer, Olivia, Scooby Doo, Max & Ruby, and even Bugsby himself.

Bugsby runs off of 2 AAA batteries, that are included. Just remember if you're going on a trip to carry extras, because Bugsy Reading System is going to be one of your child's favorites.

The Vtech Bugsby Reading System will help children to read along as they interact with their favorite characters. Children who use Bugsby will build their reading and writing skills at an earlier age. Children will be able to improve their reading comprehension, phonics, sentence structure, and word recognition so that they will be better prepared for school and their assignments.


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