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VTech MobiGo Learning System

Updated on March 14, 2011

VTech MobiGo

For a retail price of $60, you can get one of the top VTech learning systems- the MobiGo. This is a great learning toy that allows kids to take their fun and games on the road, while they learn their numbers, letters, and comprehsion.

The VTech MobiGo system is geared for children between the age of 3 and 8.

The handheld learning system, allows children to pick their favorite game cartridge, place it in, and play. They don't even realize that they're learning something because it's so much fun.

Children can even set up personalized profiles and save their progress in the games. Overall, this is a great learning toy for children that offers plenty of game play and options. It's easy to use and easy for young hands and minds to really get into.

VTech MobiGo Review

he VTech Mobigo Touch handheld learning system is a great interactive device that allows children to play fun games and learn something. The device uses a touchscreen and keyboard to control the gameplay.

This is a modern gaming technology that allows younger children to have their own handheld device, so that they don't have to bug older siblings for theirs.

The children will learn about adding, subtracting, spelling, solving problems, spotting differences, and so much more. The MobiGo by VTech is a great education toy that allows children to develop basic skills, while developing an active imagination.

The main concern is that the screen is a little small for the younger children.

What is nice is that the slideout QWERTY keyboard is easy to manuever, and the overall device is easy for children to hold with the soft plastic housing and rubber feet for smooth surfaces.

The game cartridge is inserted into a slot on the back of the device and feature many learning and educational games with different levels of difficulty. New games can even be downloaded from the computer using a USB cable.

Parents can even plug the device into the computer to download performance information to see what all the child is learning and how well the child is doing.

The MobiGo requires 4 'AA' batteries to operate, which is not included in the box. What you do get when you purchase the VTech MobiGo is the gaming system, a game cartridge, a USB cable, a soft cloth, and an owner's manual.


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