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VTech V-Reader Animated E-Book

Updated on March 14, 2011

VTech V Reader

The VReader is a great educational toy to encourage reading and grammar. This toy is essentially an e-book for kids, except it includes interactive characters and fun.

VTech includes learning activities and lessons involving rhyming, syllables, lower and uppercase letters, reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, and other games that all enhance a child's want to learn. There's even a built-in dictionary with a complete listing of vocabulary words that correspond to the story cartridge.

This learning device can be personalized per profile, so that the lessons and improvement can be monitored and kept track of.

The VTech VReader comes in a blue/orange or a pink device for either boys or girls, just be sure that you get the case for a Vreader to keep the device safe while in travel. It's also a good place to store all the game cartridges, as well.

VTech V.Reader Review

VTech is probably one of the more advanced brand of educational gaming systems for kids. They started simple, and every year they produce something better and better.

The V.Reader is an e-book reading system that promotes interactive learning, encouraging children to learn how to read and to improve their vocabulary and reading skills, as well as upper and lower case letters, rhymes, syllables, and more. The device is geared for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old.

This is a great way to get children reading and interested in reading, as it's a brightly colored device that attracts children's attention. Plus, because it is interactive, it makes reading fun.

There is a QWERTY keyboard that takes some time getting used to, and it's not the most touch-sensitive, but for the most part, it works and does what it needs to do. The device is made of a sturdy plastic, which can withstand younger users. The buttons are also designed for younger children in mind, as they are easily accessed and easy to use.

The VTech V.Reader helps to encourage reading skills that are essential for education. The device keeps children entertained without them realizing they're even learning something. The speaker  is on the front of the device, and it won't take long before fun sounds, voices, and music is coming from the front speaker. There's even an option for a headphone, which keeps everything quiet and private for the child, which he/she is playing.

You can plug the vreader into the computer via the USB cable and download more interactive content.  Parents can also monitor and see what their child is learning and doing on the v.reader by just plugging it into the computer.

The V.Reader requires 4 'AA' batteries that aren't included, but when you purchase the VTech reading system, you get the device, V.Reader pen, storybook cartridge, cleaning cloth, USB cable, and a manual.


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