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Healthy Stir-Fry Bok Choy (variation of traditional chinese bok choy recipe)

Updated on February 15, 2012

What is Bok Choy?

Bok Choy is a chinese cabbage popular in traditional chinese food. There are many different ways to prepare bok choy (kimchi, for example is popular in Korea). However, today we will focus on preparing a healthy and delicious stir-fried bok choy.

Below, I will list out the ingredients and measurements in two separate groupings. The first will be the sauce, and the second will be the primary bok choy ingredients. The sauce will consist of cornstarch, chicken stock, sesame oil, vegetable oil, salt, and pepper. The primary bok choy ingredients are bok choy, mushrooms (any variety), ginger root, vegetable oil, chicken stock, and crushed red pepper flakes.

This healthy and delicious stir fry should serve 4 adults.

Ingredients for stir-fried bok choy

1 teaspoon of cornstarch

2 tablespoons of chicken stock

1/4 teaspoon of sesame oil

salt and pepper to taste

3 cups of bok choy (washed and sliced to your preference.. generally 1/4 to 1/2 inch)

2 cups of mushrooms (washed and sliced to your preference... generally a 1/2 inch)

1 cup of onions (thinly sliced)

3 slices of ginger root

2 tablespoons of chicken stock

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes (although some people who may not like spice can do without this ingredient).

Preparation of the stir-fried bok choy

Follow these 6 simple steps for your healthy and delicious stir fry:

1. Combine all the sauce ingredients in small bowl.

2. Set your wok over a high heat for a few minutes until it is fully heated (if you wet your hands from the sink and flick the residual water onto the wok and it instantly evaporates... it is hot enough). Add the 3 tablespoons of oil, when the oil begins to smoke, add the ginger to flavor the oil. Once the ginger has turned brown, it can be thrown away.

3. Add the onions and the mushrooms. Stir constantly for about one minute.

4. Add the sliced bok choy and the crushed red pepper (if desired). Stir so that all the ingredients are well covered with the oil.

5. Slowly pour in the chicken stock alon the edge of the wok and cover immediately. Cook for about two minutes.

6. Turn down heat to medium and add the sauce, stir until thickened. Let sit for 2 minutes, and feel free to add additional salt and pepper to taste.

Serve this healthy and delicious stir fry immediately for best results. This should serve approximately 4 people. Unfortunately, I have found that cooked bok choy does not save particularly well, so eat up!

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    • Crazy Mags profile image

      Crazy Mags 6 years ago

      Yum. I love using bok choy in lots of different dishes. This is a nice simple recipe and I think will try it.


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