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Updated on November 16, 2016

Lemons Can Improve Your Health

Real Lemons to Improve your Health
Real Lemons to Improve your Health | Source

How Lemons Can Improve Your Health

The exact origin of the lemon is unknown. It is believed that lemons first grew in Southern India, Burma and China. Does anyone know?

The lemon is packed full of vitamin C which will enhance your immune system. In the good days of charter fishing and commercial fishing, the men stationed on these boats, use to cut holes in lemons and suck the juice out of them to stop seasickness. Its juice has a tremendous calming effect to our stomachs acid levels. It is known to aid in heartburn symptoms.

Real Lemons

You can purchase this stainless steel hand grater for around eight dollars.
You can purchase this stainless steel hand grater for around eight dollars. | Source

Lemons Uses and Tips

The outside rind is a great ingredient in cooking. The rind has, as much vitamin C as the inside does so do not waste it.

We all know lemon juice makes lemonade but if you add grated lemon rind to it it will be dynamite stuff. Lemon rind is great on salads, sprinkled over a lemon pie, rice, over puddings, even a pasta dish.

Quick and easy pasta recipe.

Melt 1 quarter pound of butter in microwave. Then mix 2 egg yolks, salt and pepper, shredded lemon rind and also squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. Mix thoroughly with the butter.

Then pour mixture over one package of cooked pasta, add shredded mozzarella cheese to top it. Re-heat dish just before you serve it.

Drinking lemon water heated in the microwave instead of coffee will wake you up like coffee but with out the slow down when the caffeine wears off. So, add concentrated lemon juice to your water bottles for work or play. It will wake you up and increases energy as well.

Using lemon juice mixed with water, as a rinse for your hair will increase the shine to give you healthier looking hair.

The best use for lemons is to rid yourself of the nasty stain residue left over on your nails when you remove the nail polish. Simply rub a lemon slice over your nail and off it comes to make it clear for your next color.

To remove the fish smell after cooking fish, slice some lemons and put on a tray in the oven and lemon smell takes care of that. Then eat the roasted lemons. What a treat. Fruit changes to a whole new level when roasted. Last week I stuffed a turkey with lemons and slit the outside turkey skin to tuck lemon slices inside next to the breast meat. That white succulent meat was lemon flavoured and to die for.

Pickling lemons is a Morroccan delicacy. Pickling also preserves lemons to make a relish that is common on a Morroccan plate.

Lemons are not just happy colors in your fruit bowl.

Thank You For Reading!

If you have any lemon recipes or quick tips for lemons, feel free to add them to this hub.

Lemon Salad


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