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Naked Snoqualmie Riesling Wine Review

Updated on October 14, 2007

I've found myself drinking a lot of California wines lately, so it was a nice change to drink a local Washington wine. I can't give you the price for this bottle of wine because I won it as a door prize (and what a lovely doorprize it was).

If you have read any of my other wine reviews, you know that I tend to prefer red over white when it comes to wine...but, I've slowly learned to appreciate a fine white wine.

The Wine Goof's Rating System

Here is a quick break down of my fingers-around-the-glass rating system:

  • Five Fingers: Serve it to your neighbor who used to run a winery.
  • Four Fingers: Go ahead and serve to friends and family as a decent table wine.
  • Three Fingers: This is completely drinkable, but nothing to really brag about. Use caution when drinking, a common side effect of this wine is an extreme headache.
  • Two Fingers: A mixer wine: you can handle it if you add some juice, or some other masking beverage, to it. Really, only drink it if you need a cheap buzz.
  • One Finger: Your grandma is hopped up on painkillers, has no sense of taste, and partially blind? This is the wine for her!
  • Zero Fingers: Don't even touch the container it comes in. Use extreme caution, this substance is flammable, and may detioriate any material in comes into contact with.

The Wine Goof's Review

This is possibly one of the best white wines I've had. I first served it with a vegetable pasta dish (tossed with oil and cheese, no sauce). The next day, I served it with bowls of corn chowder. The wine has a great mixture of sweet and bitter--making it complement both meals nicely, but also have a refreshing zing to it.

I can honestly say that I felt disappointed when the bottle finally emptied the last drop.

Four and a Half Fingers!


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    • GerardNielsen profile image

      GerardNielsen 6 years ago

      Good review--this one is usually high on my list for decent Rieslings. If you like this, try Hogue Cellar's Late Harvest Riesling or even a nice Sauterne. They pack a good amount of mineral sweetness.