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Why Organic Food is Healthier?

Updated on April 19, 2015

Organic Label

Organic Style

Organic Food has become the synonym for Healthy Living. Ten or fifteen years ago, people hardly heard or understood the word Organic, nor did they care. Nowadays, the popularity of Organic Food increases dramatically.

So what is Organic Food anyway?

Before farmers can label the products Organic, they have to first meet USDA’s standard and pass series of inspections. In summary, Organic Food contains No Chemical Pesticide, No Chemical Fertilizers, No Chemical Additive, No Artificial Coloring, and No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). It carries on the good old way our ancestors used to farm, so do speak.

I remember when I was little, fruits and vegetables tasted sweeter and juicer. One could simply wash a tomato or an apple under the running water for a minute or two, and then ate the whole thing, with the skin on of course. Oh, how I miss that heavenly flavor, the scent of freshness, and nature’s delight. However, in recent decades, many produces we eat taste plain, dry, and flavorless. We eat simply for the need of survival, not because we love the food.

Ever since I was introduced to Organic Food last year, I rediscovered joy in food. The differences are quite distinct. Taking banana as an example, I used to hate eating bananas. They only last for a few days. As the skin of a banana turns to dark yellow with many black dots on the surface, the inside becomes dry and tasteless. The Organic banana, on the other hand, locks all the original flavor in the fruit itself. It does not dry up or get too soft inside, and it lasts longer than the regular banana. Other Organic Fruits like strawberry, blueberry, peach taste sweeter and juicer with natural flavor. If you try it once you will know the difference.

Organic broccoli and celery are good examples for vegetables. The longer you cook them, the greener they become, compare to the regular ones which easily turn to yellow after a few minutes of cooking, and lose its original crispness.

The scientists try to convince us that nutrition wise there is not much difference between Organic Food and regular food. I’m no scientist, or doctor, the only thing I know is that Organic Food tastes lot better, more natural, juicy and sweet. It brings back a good old memory that I long miss.

Final Words From The Author

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    • Dreamlin profile image

      Dreamlin 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you so much, CloudExplorer, for your kind comments and helpful advices. I enjoy reading your hubs. You are an excellent writer. Your views are insightful and just. I’m glad to know you through Jeremy Lin. It’s amazing both his parents are under 5 feet 7 inches tall. I wonder what Jeremy eats daily that helps him grow into a "giant". Probably lots of organic stuff :). Thanks again!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      This hub is on point about the whole organic food issue, which is definitely a world problem, and most food produce needs a true overhauling indeed.

      I like the way you write, and present your information, maybe try adding some video content to support this hub, as well as other imagery, which will definitively work in your favor here, since the written works is awesome already. Great effort here to get the word out about he organic movement.

      Thanks to my wife, I am currently changing my entire outlook and dietary plans around the whole alkaline issue with food, besides the organic shopping of foods at place like Traders Joes, and Wholefoods, here in the United States.

      Awesome hub getting voted up, pinned, FB liked, and more thanks for sharing such pertinent and useful info with us on organic foods, we need more on this subject to be shared worldwide. Oh and thanks for visiting one of my hubs as well.

    • Dreamlin profile image

      Dreamlin 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you my friend for your comment.

      I will post more articles about Organic Food and where you can get them cheaper in the future.

    • germanbini profile image

      Sabrina 6 years ago from Missouri

      We try to raise our garden and strawberries without chemicals also! Not only do the chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) make the food taste bad, they aren't that good for the environment, either. When you can get it, I agree, organic (and locally grown) is the best option! Thanks for the info, voted up! :)