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Diet - The Best Time to Do Exercise

Updated on April 20, 2015

Stretching Exercise


Healthy Living

Last time, I talked about the right time to eat fruits. Now I will share my personal experience, and talk about the right time to exercise (outdoor & indoor).

For outdoor exercise (power walking/jogging), timing is very important. During summer, daylight gets longer and people normally wake up early in the morning. The best time to do some outdoor exercise is between 6-8 am, when the air is relatively cool and fresh, and the traffic is light (means less pollution). Some people like to do outdoor exercise at night, around 7-9 pm. Although the temperature may be ideal, the air quality is not as good as the morning hours.

The father of my friend is recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He does not smoke or drink, and he exercises regularly, jogging 1-2 miles daily. How does he get lung cancer with such healthy life style? According to his doctor, air pollution might be the cause of the problem. Living in a big city, with heavy traffic, the very air you breathe is poisonous fume.

Indoor exercise also has timing issue. Don’t do it on an empty stomach. You might faint or dehydrate due to not enough energy. A full stomach is also not advisable. Food needs time to digest. Doing strenuous exercise right after a meal may cause your more harm than good. So what is the right time? I suggest 1-2 hours after a meal. For me, personally, the best time to do some weightlifting and body stretching is two hours before I go to bed at night(Normally I go to bed around 10 pm). I can’t remember when was the last time I sat on a sofa/chair, watching TV, and you can start living a healthy life by not being a couch potato.

Final Words

Exercise in the evening also helps you get a good night sleep. Please provide comment on the article and cast your vote, or even better, be my follower, and track my new postings. Thanks for visiting.


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