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Baking with a Silpat Baking Sheet

Updated on February 8, 2015

SILPAT Baking Sheet

If you like to bake or make candies, you have likely heard of the SILPAT baking sheet. This amazing non-stick baking mat makes everything slide off effortlessly; even the stickiest and messiest foods will not stick to the SILPAT. It’s the product of choice for chefs and home bakers who expect the best results from their supplies. Nothing compares to the ease of use and wonderful results of using a SILPAT.

The SILPAT baking sheet is made from a woven glass core that is coated with a food grade silicone. They are made in a variety of different sizes to fit your most common baking sheets and can be used for everything from preparing foods to baking or heating. There are even SILPATS for use in toaster ovens or the microwave. This multipurpose silicone baking mat is easy to clean, with most baked on foods simply wiping off with hot water and a little dish soap.

SILPAT Baking Mat

SILPAT Silicone Baking Sheet

SILPAT Baking Sheet
SILPAT Baking Sheet

Silicone Baking Sheets

If you use the SILPAT for preparing foods, it is important to remember that the silicone coating can easily be damaged; never use a regular metal knife on your SILPAT baking sheet, DeMarle makes Exoglass cutters and knives that can be used on the SILPAT without damaging it. The baking sheet is excellent for kneading or rolling out dough, making candies or other sticky treats, or for baking cookies, fish and anything else that you want to cook evenly without risking having it stick to the pan.

The SILPAT lies on top of your regular baking sheet transforming any baking pan into a super non-stick surface that is ideal for many uses and requires no greasing. Not only is the SILPAT great for handling sticky, gooey messes, but baked on foods such as sugar and caramelized coatings will simply wipe off. No more sheet pans to scrub! The SILPAT is heat resistant up to 480° F and is microwave and freezer safe.

A SILPAT is a must-have item for any home baker or patisserie chef.

The SILPAT baking sheets have also become a standard in bakeries because they make an ideal surface for baked goods. Cookies, bars, biscuits and other foods bake up beautifully golden brown, flakey and simply slide off the baking sheet when done. No dark brown bottoms before the cookies are finished baking and the mat is immediately ready to go back into the oven for another batch, no need to wait for it to cool.

The SILPAT baking mat never needs to be greased and can be used anytime a recipe calls for parchment paper, which saves time and money as well as creating less waste for the environment. It also means baking fish and other items on the SILPAT will require no additional fats making it healthier and easier to create low-calorie dishes such as baked salmon.

To clean the SILPAT baking sheet, simply wipe clean with a soapy dishcloth and rinse with warm water. The SILPAT can be stored flat or rolled. In fact, many people find storing it rolled-up and inserted inside a paper towel core to be a very convenient way to keep the SILPAT handy, yet out of the way when not in use.

However you choose to use the SILPAT, you’ll never go back to greasing pans or using parchment paper again. There’s a reason why professional chef’s choose SILPAT; it’s the best.

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Using a Silpat Baking Sheet


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  • Lamme profile image

    Lamme 7 years ago

    Hi breakfastpop, I know! I couldn't imagine not having one now that I use them all the time. They are amazing!

  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    The mats are marvelous!