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Things to Know about Subway Sandwich Coupons

Updated on March 26, 2010

Fast food restaurants are a convenient way for busy people to eat out. It's not requiring them to cook in the kitchen or spend time preparing food. Picking the right fast food franchise also makes sure that the meal is guilt free.

Subway restaurants have been around for almost 50 years and it's a very successful sandwich franchise. Their success lies in their healthy and tasty subs, that vary with shop and country. Their most popular sandwich is the BMT, that contains salami, pepperoni and ham.

Other than sandwiches Subway offers sandwich platters for various occasions. The regular platter consists of 5 footlong sandwiches made to virtually any specification. Giant subs are also available. These sandwiches are three feet long. Subway also offers cookie platters, 3 dozen freshly baked cookies per platter.

Sandwich in Baguette
Sandwich in Baguette

For those who like to eat out Subway shops are great opportunities to eat sandwiches made of fresh ingredients. If you are considering to visit a subway you'll probably want to know about available subway sandwich coupons and vouchers to save a few dollars. If you're a regular subber, taking a coupon with you at all times can save you several hundred dollars in the course of a few months.

Subway used to have a customer reward program that was phased out due to counterfeiting. Customers got one stamp for a six inches sandwich and two for the foot-long. Twenty four stamps were redeemable for one free foot long sandwich or twelve for a six inches one. This program is now discontinued due to various frauds and in-house theft of stamp rolls.

To get a subway sandwich coupon you don't have to do much except for keeping an eye open for them. They're mostly printed in the local paper, or are handed out in shops with purchases. The best way to find a printable subway coupon though is searching online. Major search engines are able to point you towards websites that collect these coupons.

Most websites list the coupons available with comments to them by users. Users usually have an interface available to them to rate coupons up or down, or mark them expired or not working. If you make sure the coupon you are trying to use will work in the local subway shop you will have no problem trimming a dollar or two of the price of your next sandwich.

If you are conscious about these opportunities, you can enjoy your next sub with the peace of mind that you care about your finances.

Photo used is taken by avlxyz


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