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How To Make Cambodian Sweet and Sour Fish With Green Mango: Khmer Southeast Asian Recipe

Updated on July 18, 2012
  • Prep time: 25 min
  • Cook time: 35 min
  • Ready in: 1 hour
  • Yields: Serves 4

Sweet and Sour Fish With Green Mango Recipe

In Cambodia, Srok Khmer Southeast Asia, Mangoes are a favorite fruit and are very healthy to eat. Many Cambodian and Southeast Asian Recipes call for Mango, particularly, Green or Unripened Mangoes.

The reason is that because of the hot and humid climate, Mangoes are only ripe for about a month.

What to do with all the extra Mangoes? Use them before they get ripe! No Mangoes go rotten in Cambodia! They are a little sour and tart but they are very delicious.

You have to try Green Mangoes for a different taste experience! This is a great recipe to get started!

Cambodian Cuisine is quite different from many other Asian and Southeast Asian foods and the Ingredients are very unique.

This recipe is for Sweet and Sour Fish with Green Mangoes and is sure to delight!

This dish offers a perfect balance of Sweetness from the Palm Sugar, and just the right amount of Sour from the Tart Green Mangoes.

Short Clip of Traditional Asian Music

Let's look at the Ingredients used to make this delicious and healthy recipe. Most of these ingredients are available at your local grocery store on found in Specialty Asian Markets:

Ingredients for Sweet and Sour Fish with Green Mango Recipe

How to Prepare
Cooking Oil (Olive Oil Recommended)
2 Tablespoons
Firm White Fish Fillet with Skin (recommend Sea Bass, Haddock or Tilapia
1 1/4 lbs (600g)
Cut into medium pieces
Fresh Garlic
10 Cloves
Peel and Chop
Palm or Brown Sugar
5 Tablespoons
Fish Sauce
4 Tablespoons
Fresh Tomatoes
5 Whole
Quartered (cut into 4 pieces)
Green Mangoes
2 small unripened mangoes
Peel and Chop
Sugar Cane (optional)
about 3 inches (7.5 cm)
Cut into "Matchsticks"
Thai Basil Leaves
1 small bunch
Coriander (Cilantro) Leaves
1 small bunch
Wok or Skillet (recommend Cast Iron)
medium sized pan
For Frying the Fish
Paper Towels
To Drain Oil from Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish with Green Mango Cooking Instructions:

  1. Heat the Oil in the Wok or Skillet over High Heat.
  2. Once hot, add the Fish (with skin on) until Golden in color.
  3. Remove Fish and drain on Paper Towels.
  4. Add Garlic to the pan and stir occasionally until Browned.
  5. Add the Sugar and the Fish Sauce and continue cooking until the mixture starts to Caramelize.
  6. Add the Tomatoes, Green Mangoes and Sugar Cane and Stir-Fry for a few minutes.
  7. Add the Fish and Mix Well.
  8. Cook for an additional 15 minutes over Low Heat, without stirring again.
  9. Garnish with the Basil and Coriander (Cilantro) Leaves and Serve Hot!

Jong Yam? (Ready to eat?)

As you can see, this recipe is delicious and is very easy to make! Amaze your friends at your next Super Bowl Party or try making this for a date night! Still not full yet? Check out the bonus recipes below!

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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Hello Rajan! I love to fry anything in cast iron pans! It adds iron to the diet (my wife is anemic) and it is easy to clean! I actually use a dutch oven instead of a wok for deep frying and I use a regular cast iron skillet for lighter frying. This recipe is fairly quick and easy to make and I hope you enjoy it! You're welcome for the link. You wrote a great Hub about the benefits of mango! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing and voting!


    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      JS, this recipe looks interesting. One question - why would you want to fry fish in an iron wok?

      It looks simple enough and I hope it turns out as tasty as one made by a Cambodian.

      Thanks for sharing and also for including a link to my hub on mangoes.

      Voted up, interesting and Shared.

      Bookmarking it for the recipe.

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      @rebeccamealey: Hello! Mangoes are definitely one of the best fruits! There are so many things you can make with mangoes. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you try this recipe someday and come back and let me know what you think! Thanks for the share!


    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      @Ardie: Hello Ardie! I hope that you can get your husband to make this soon and I think you will really enjoy it! Thanks for your kind words and for commenting!


    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      @cclitgirl: Yes, green mangoes are sour but delicious and a lot of Cambodian dishes require them. Like you, I will try any food at least once (you wouldn't believe some of the things I have tried!) and if I like it, I will eat it again!

      I am not a super fish fan but I do like some species, particularly white flaky fish. Many of my recipes call for "Fish Sauce" and sometimes I omit it when I make the dish. It depends on my mood. I am glad you like this and I appreciate your comment! Thanks for stopping by!


    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      @Charlu: My favorite is the Dipping Sauce with ground peanuts! It is so refreshing to dip a spring roll into the dip! I am glad that you asked this question! I like mangoes a lot too but I eat them unripened most of the time. When I get a ripe one it is a real treat! I appreciate your comment and for the votes! Great Question!


    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      This sounds and looks great! I love anything with mangoes. Thanks for the recipe. Will bookmark and share!

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 5 years ago from Neverland

      I can't wait to beg the husband to make this. It looks SO good and you always make such a nice presentation :)

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 5 years ago from Western NC

      Wow. I had no idea about green mangoes. I'll try anything once, twice if I like it. :) This recipe looks delicious and I try to incorporate more fish, but I just don't like the taste of fish. But, tilapia is generally mild and I love the other ingredients, so I bet this will be really good! :)

    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 5 years ago from Florida

      This sounds so awesome Then the dipping sauce and spring rolls I think I'm drooling. I love mangos hence why I asked the ? but have never tried them green but I will now Thanks for making me hungry ;=))) Voted up useful and awesome

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      My wife makes Any dish with Mango taste really good! I am lucky that she shares some of these recipes! I hope you enjoy this and if you try it, come back and let me know how you liked it! Thank you for commenting!


    • Turtlewoman profile image

      Kim Lam 5 years ago from California

      So did your beautiful wife teach you this recipe? :-)

      This Combodian dish sounds delicious-might have to try it soon. Voted up!