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Taco Mac in Atlanta Review

Updated on September 8, 2010

Taco Mac

hen my boyfriend suggested going to Taco Mac for lunch, I just wasn't thrilled with the idea because I heard 'taco' and just didn't want Mexican food. We ate there anyway, when he convinced me it wasn't Mexican.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Taco Mac is basically like an Applebee's or similar style restaurant with wings, beer, and a good time. It's a great place to go to watch the games and experience one of the largest selections of beers, and you'll find since the Taco Mac was first opened in 1979, they have a lot of beers to try.

Basically, Taco Mac started when a couple of guys stopped at a small taco shack, and decided with a little work and renovations, they could easily open a restaurant with a Irish-Mexican name and see where their buffalo wings took them.

It didn't take long before the word spread and people from all over started going to the restaurant for the wings, beer, and sports. It didn't take long after before the small selection of beer turned into one of the biggest in the South.

Taco Mac has definitely improved upon their menu and their beer selection slowly grows. They have tons of beer on tap and even more in the bottle waiting for you.



  • Alpharetta (770)754-9290
  • Buford (678)730-8226
  • Canton (770)479-7900
  • Crabapple (in Roswell) (678)795-0080
  • Cumming (678)679-1050
  • Decatur (404)378-4140
  • Douglasville (770)942-0499
  • Duluth (678)387-3403
  • East-West Connector (in Austell) (770)801-8773
  • Ellard Villages (770)518-5565
  • Georgia Dome (404)223-4636
  • Johns Creek (in Suwanee) (678)679-0430
  • Kennesaw (770)874-7781
  • Lawrenceville (770)682-7189
  • Lindbergh City Center (in Atlanta) (404)574-5813
  • Marietta (770)795-1144
  • Metropolis (in Atlanta) (678)904-7211
  • Newnan (678)854-9395
  • Peachtree City (770)692-0006
  • Perimeter (678)336-1381
  • Philips Arena (in Atlanta) (404)835-1192
  • Prado (in Sandy Springs) (404)941-1503
  • Suwanee (678)730-0941
  • Virginia Highlands (in Atlanta) (404)873-6529
  • Windward (in Alpharetta) (770)346-9119
  • Woodstock (770)517-0030


  • Chattanooga (423)267-8226

The Food

I ordered the chicken Philly sandwich, which was pretty good. The only complaint that I had was that chicken Philly means just chicken and no beef. Well, I had little beef slivers on parts of the outer portion of my sandwich. It wasn't that big of a deal, and I just pulled it off, but I would rather not have had that beef on my sandwich.

The fries were pretty good, but by the time I finished the Philly, I didn't have much room in my stomach to complete all of the fries.

My boyfriend had a half pound of boneless wings. I didn't think he was going to finish them, but he did. He liked the taste of the boneless wings, but wasn't thrilled with the fries.

The Drinks

We didn't get any drinks, as it was only lunch. So, although we didn't taste any of the beers, seeing the huge selection definitely left an impression.

The Service

I'm not usually picky when it comes to the waiter and the service that he, or she, provides, so I usually don't pay much attention to it unless the service is awful, which wasn't the case here.

While we were sitting there, out waiter, gave us his name every time he walked to the booth. Now that's not a problem, but it did get a little irritating. I still remember his name being Ryan though, and it's been a few weeks since I was in Atlanta.

When we asked for one of the TVs to be changed to a particular game that was on so that we could see it, out waiter took a minute to get to it, but he did change the station. It was lunch rush, so I didn't expect him to change the station right away, he did have other things he needed to do and other tables to attend.

The waiter constantly checked on us to make sure everything was ok, which to me, is what a waiter should do.

Overall, the service was great and the meal was pretty good. I wouldn't have a problem stopping by a closer Taco Mac instead of driving to Atlanta in order to eat a chicken Philly or wings, whichever I was in the mood for.

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