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Vortex Bar and Grill in Atlanta Review

Updated on September 8, 2010

If you're easily offended, you'll probably get offended here... At least that's what the menu says...

Personally, the atmosphere was pretty cool. It's a trendy punk/goth scene, but those who dine range from a preppy, elderly, moms, drunks, teens, rednecks, and everything in between. The waters and bartenders are heavily tattooed and pierced.

There are two locations in Atlanta to choose from, so depending on where you are, one may be closer than the other. You may also find that the food may taste different from one to the other, although it's still good no matter which location (from what I hear). The decor may also vary a bit, but you'll get the same service no matter which location you choose to go to.

Just keep in mind that this is probably not where you want to take your overly religious grandmother for her 90th birthday party. There's a lot of cursing, naked posters, skulls, and other decor that just may offend some people.

  • Midtown (404-875-1667)

878 Peachtree Street

Atlanta, GA 30309

Mon-Wed 11am-2am

Thurs-Sat: 11am-3am

Sun: 11am-Midnight


  • Little 5 (404-688-1828)

438 Moreland Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30307

Sun-Thurs: 11am-Midnight

Fri/Sat: 11am-3am

Both locations have patio seating, and for large groups call ahead. You'll also want to keep kids under 18 at home for both locations, as there's a sign specifically stating, "18 and Older ONLY"

Double bypass as served
Double bypass as served
Next to a fork
Next to a fork
Next to a 22 ounce cup
Next to a 22 ounce cup

The Food

The food was much better than the drinks, but because the restaurant has crazy rules, I was scared to order or change anything that was on the menu. The problem I have is that I don't eat beef or pork. They had a great sounding chicken melt, but it has bacon on it. There was no way I was ordering the sandwich without the bacon, as in the beginning of the menu, there is a list of rules that should be read, one of which states that if you place an order for something not on the menu, and it's made, they will charge you whatever they think is fair, and if you add to the meal, they'll add to your price. If you take away, they won't reduce the price.

I ended up with just a grilled cheese with cheddar cheese and white bread with a side salad with ranch. The salad was a good size, and the sandwich was a grilled cheese sandwich. There was nothing to complain about with my meal.

My boyfriend ordered the Double Bypass Burger. This is the medium sized specialty burger that they have. It contains two fried eggs, six slices of American cheese, eight slices of bacon, two large hamburger patties, and two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. He said for the first several bites, it was like breakfast with just the egg, cheese, and bacon, but once he got to the burger, it was great.

If you want to go all out and purchase the Heart Attack Burger from Vortex, the burger contains two half-pound sirloin patties stacked inside three grilled cheese sandwiches, topped with two fried eggs, eight slices of American cheese, ten slices of bacon, and plenty of mayo on the side. You don't get to choose your side here, you get a big bowl of tots and fries covered in cheese sauce. You think this sounds bad... Well, it is.

The Drinks

When we first got there, we were seated at the bar because the full party of four wasn't there, and the hostess wasn't going to sit just two of us. My boyfriend ordered their beer- the Laughing Skull- and I ordered the Tang Tini.

He prefers wheat beer, so found the dark beer rather bitter. His buddy drank most of the 22 ounce glass, and loved it.

The Tang Tini consisted of Three Olives Rang Tang vodka, orange, and lime juice. The drink smelled so good, but really should have been a small shot versus a small drink. The bartenders do not skimp on the liquor. The drink was way too strong, and I couldn't really drink it.

While, at the bar, I sat and watched the two bartenders make drinks for others. I realized that it wasn't just my drink that was strong. They tended to fill every glass nearly fully of liquor and added just a spit of juice or non-alcholic beverage to the cup.

Once seated, my boyfriend ordered a Crown and cranberry, which he wasn't able to drink, as it was all Crown and a drop of cranberry juice for flavor.

As for the tea... It had a twang to it that wasn't palatable.

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