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Techniques in Making Hot Chili Sauce

Updated on August 29, 2014

Techniques in Making Hot Chili Sauce

There are many chili hot sauce and many variants which are available in the local supermarkets from jalapenos, Heinz chili tomato sauce (not so chilly) and lots of South East Asian variants of hot chili sauces. These products are full of preservatives and some have high contents of sodium. So it is best to make your own sauce when you have time and access to fresh products. One alternative to buying commercial hot chili sauce or sauce for that matter is to do it on your own like tomato sauce and hot chili sauces.

There are techniques in making hot chili sauces on your own. I will discuss the two sauces I use in my food. These are sauces made from tomato sauce and vinegar or soy sauce with hot chili pepper.

Fresh chili -- one variant of chili -- Thai pepper

one variant of capsicum -- chili hot pepper
one variant of capsicum -- chili hot pepper

Tomato sauce with seasonings and some herbs mixed with cooking menu

tomato sauce plus seasonings  courtesy of wikipedia
tomato sauce plus seasonings courtesy of wikipedia

Commercial hot chili sauce

courtesy of wikipedia
courtesy of wikipedia

Different Techniques to Make Your Instant Sauce

  • Mostly Asian hot chili sauce are a mixture of garlic, onions, vinegar and chili prepared before eating a main menu especially pork, poultry, beef -- barbecued grilled or stewed
  • First is to decide which sauce you are going to make like a mixture of vinegar with garlic, onion and ground pepper plus a little bit of chili. Vinegars is a good preservative and is healthy plus it add flavorings to your food. This is best for grilled pork or meat and grilled seafoods
  • You can either preserve your sauce in this case vinegar chili sauces or chili soy sauces
  • Soy sauces can be mixed with chili pepper, garlic and onion and garlic which are cut into smaller pieces plus black pepper and a little bit of sugar. This is best for barbecued meat and seafoods as well.
  • Buy the soy sauce which is made of pure soy beans and low sodium content
  • The fresh chili pepper can be mixed with vinegar and soy sauce ready as sauce when you eat
  • In terms of tomato sauce, after making your own tomato sauce which is relatively easy, you can put some chili pepper on it to make it a hot chili sauce.


Technique in Making tomato sauce with chili

Tomato sauce with chili

  • Tomato is a rich source of sauce of course tomato sauce. it is rich in carotene and lycopene and the good news is that you can make it on your own, the do it yourself tomato sauce.
  • You can choose fresh tomato which are red and ripe not the yellow ones as they are still unripe. The redder the better. Boil the water and then put the tomato. Make sure that it is cooked well by checking if it can be crushed using a spoon. After the tomato is cooked, you can crushed them into semi solid state and then cooked it with some spices herbs and seasonings like cut bell peppers, garlic, onions, grounded black pepper and a cooking oil (preferably olive or canola oil). You can also put parsley and cajun seasoning plus a little bit of salt, you can mixed it with beans -- cooked and is ready for meal.
  • This is also how spaghetti sauce is made
  • You can add chili pepper sauce according to your own taste
  • Always put the chili pepper (paprika grounded) if you are not using the fresh ones in the container like the pepper and salt container so that you cna monitor the amount of chili to put, little by little
  • The technique is not to put chili sauce while cooking but it is for the individual who will eat it to put the amount of chili he/she desire -- this is for tomato sauce


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    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago


      Sounds very tasty. I like spicy food too.

      Great work on this Hub!

      thank you



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