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Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue

Updated on August 29, 2014

Brining and then Grilling the Pork

Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue Technique

Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue Technique. It is summertime in the Western world and we are off to a hot summer. The sweltering heat of the sun makes for a dip at the swimming pool and a good barbecue and grilling outdoor. This is a fun activity while watching and having fun with the children outside the home while preparing the dinner. You can barbecue and grill not only on weekends but also during weekdays since it is summer.

In fact, even during wintertime  you can still barbecue indoor style. grilling never goes out of season because barbecued food are yummy and delicious to the taste. I love grilling food from vegetables to meat and fishes. In this hub I will share some techniques in pork barbecue home style using what is term as brine and making your own sauce.

I learn this "Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue" from my mother but you can make your own style by your own preferences on taste and sauce. You can make your own sauce and this is relatively easy, that what makes barbecue tastier as well, combined with the flavor meaty pork.

grilling style --

Outdoor grilling -- courtesy of wikipedia
Outdoor grilling -- courtesy of wikipedia

Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue Technique -- Grilling

Grilling is as old as ancient history, Men has been grilling food upon gathering it. In fact fire has been used for thousand and thousand of years and it is a good way to cook meat, as long as you watch over it so that you don't burn the meat. Carcinogens which you can get form burnt meat is bad for health as it causes cancer.

Grilling is just subjecting the food (usually raw meat) of animals -- poultry, pork and fishes to heat using grilling equipment. Some use wood or charcoal based grilling or indoor grilling using of gas (specially during winter time) and you want to eat grilled barbecue.


According to American Heart Association :

We should try to reduce eating foods which have high cholesterol level as it is generally bad for the health of our heart, but of course sometimes we should treat ourselves and go for the grilling mood.

We should always prefer to grill fish and if you want to grill pork or meat choose the "loin" and "round" pork cuts, and in terms of beef always choose "select" instead of prime meat

Techniques in Grilled Home Style Brine Pork Barbecue

First when you grill home style brine pork barbecue you need to choose the meat -- preferably the loin and round pork cuts as they are more healthier. If you are scheduling to barbecue the next day, at night you should marinade the pork with a brine soulution which you can do on your own.

Brining the Pork Barbecue -- How to brine the pork for grilling

Brining -- You can mix water, sugar, spices and herbs like bayleaf (laurel leaf) and rosemary if you want to give flavor to the pork. You can put some round black pepper and garlic plus sliced onion. Simmer the water, brown sugar and the salt plus the garlic powder and the black pepper, then put some ice on it. Put off the stove after the salt and sugar are fully mixed. Set this aside and pour it on the the pork meat and put aside in the refrigerator for overnight not more than 7 hours.

  • The next day you are now ready to grill the pork meat.
  • Put on the fire and test the hotness by putting your fingers seven in above the charcoal grill.
  • Put the pork with spaces enough in between and then turn it every five minutes once.
  • It should be ready as it is already soft because of the brine.
  • Remember not to overcook or burn the pork barbecue

Now it is ready, you can make your sauce home style, I choose to put some chili on barbecue sauce by mixing some spices and seasonings plus herbs.

Barbecue sauce home style with chili ;

In a mixing bowl, you can mix, tomato paste (you can make your own tomato paste or just buy it at the store) mix sugar, (brown) lime and salt, plus black whole pepper, and chili (paprika) just a pinch, cumin, small garlic chopped and dry ginger, olive oil and water, two tablespoon ful.

The amount of chili is dependent on ones taste, be careful not to put large amount of chili as you may not eat the sauce with the pork barbecue if it is too hot


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    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago

      This sound just Wonderful.

      Nice Hub , and thank you for your time !


    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This sounds just lovely! I would like to try making this! I will get Cathy to help me cook it. This grilled country style pork sounds really tasty! Cheers! I may gain some weight this weekend! Great Hub!