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A Wine Aerator - Where to Buy Facts

Updated on July 2, 2011

A Wine Aerator - One of the Top 3 Wine Gift Ideas

A wine aerator is one of the top 3 wine gift ideas, and the web is full of "fluff" articles telling you the "facts" about the best deals and why theirs is the one you should buy. But the truth is, the reason they are "fluff" articles is that they are just written using specific keywords and phrases that will get the Internet search engines to find them and present them to you so they can "hawk" their products!

So if that is what you are looking for ... then ...

STOP READING NOW ... Unless you want the real truth ...

Because this article is going to tell you the real truth about the best places to buy a wine aerator!

Wait ... one more fact: Yes the links in this article will benefit this author, to the tune of 3 or 4 cents on the dollar - I hope you will not think this is "greedy motivation."

A Wine Aerator

A Wine Aerator
A Wine Aerator | Source

A Brief Wine Aerator Explanation

Here is A Brief Wine Aerator Explanation, if you need it, if not skip on down.

You have probably heard the old adage, " a wine has to breath." Well, it is true. When air is allowed to mix with wine molecules it does a couple wonderous things that actually improve the taste of wine.

  • It enhances the fragrance of the wine - which is a big part of the taste
  • it softens the effect of the tannins in the wine - which smooths the actual flavor

You can visit this link if you would like a more detailed explanation of how this works, and what types of wine need what type of aeration: Wine Aeration Facts and Guidelines

There are two ways to aerate wine:

  • Decant it into a true wine decanter - which allows a larger wine surface area to mix with air
  • Use a wine aerator to actively mix air molecules with the wine

Wine Aerator - Funnel = Vinturi - Soire
Wine Aerator - Funnel = Vinturi - Soire | Source

Which Type of Wine Aerator to Buy

Which Type of Wine Aerator to Buy depends are two criteria; the main one is the type of wine person the gift recipient is, and secondly, how you want to aerate wine - fast or slow.

  • The "fast or slow" reason is the easiest to explain. If you want to aerate wine immediately for drinking, then the choice would be a pour-through aerator, the Vinturi or Vino2. If a slower method is desired, then you would consider a good decanter and wine funnel.
  • The main criteria - what type of wine person the recipient is; a purist - a true wine oenophile, a modernist - wants all the best and latest wine accessories, or the ambivalent - just wants the best flavor, regardless of the method. This something only you can determine.

The true wine oenophile is probably a purist and would most likely shun any method other than a true wine decanter and funnel, and would not even consider a hand-held pour through wine aerator.Here are some Wine decanter and funnel examples.

The modernist wine lover wants it all, the latest wine gadgets and the best wine flavors. This person would probably like the Vinturi wine aerator for its modernistic appearance, or maybe the Vino2 for its classical style and modern performance.

The Ambivalent Wine Lover just wants the best performance, pomp and circumstance is not an important consideration. This is the easiest to pick for - the obvious choice is the Vinturi Essential wine aerator.

Only you will know the personality of the wine lover this gift is intended for.

Amazon, Ebay, Wine Enthusiast Logos
Amazon, Ebay, Wine Enthusiast Logos | Source

Where to Buy a Wine Aerator Online

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Other than finding a "discontinued" sale in a regular brick and mortar retail store, savvy shoppers know the best prices and selections are available online. But where to buy to get the best prices and a safe and secure shopping experience.

First choice -

  • Amazon is the Net's most trusted online market place. Most of the items sold on Amazon are sold and fulfilled, (shipped from), through Amazon, not individual shippers, so you have the full guarantee and force of Amazon behind each purchase you make. Ask your friends, almost anyone who surfs the web will be familiar with Amazon, and they have probably bought something from Amazon too.
  • Most of the time Amazon has very competitive, usually the lowest, prices available. Combine this with their Free Super Savers Shipping program, which offers Free shipping on items over $25, and you will almost always find Amazon your best choice for the cheapest and most secure shopping experience.
  • Here are Amazon's Bargains on Wine Aerators

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Second Choice - ebay

  • ebay is the Net's largest online marketplace, and it is no longer the "flea market" of its early years where you were dealing with individual sellers, and had to take your chances that yours was a reputable seller and your purchase would arrive as promised.
  • ebay is now striving to replace Amazon and has put the full force of the company behind your purchases to make sure your buying experience is as safe and satisfying as any you would make at your favorite retail store.
  • The very first thing you see when you log onto ebay is their Buyer's Protection Program which promises that if your buying experience isn't all you expected they will work with you and your seller to make it right - or your money back.
  • ebay auction listings are usually the best prices available online, even lower than Amazon, but, and this is important, unless the listing says Free Shipping, then you will have to pay an additional shipping charge, and many times, but not always, when you add this to the purchase price, the Amazon listing is a better deal. But this is not always true, ebay is the place to those super-cheap deals, when you can find them. So it is worth checking out.
  • Check ebay's Wine Aerator deals

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Third choice - Individual Online web sites

  • If you Google "Wine Aerator" you will get over 100,000 listings. Except for the few that are company web sites, the rest are individual sites; either retail sites that are selling the product from inventory, just like a regular retail store, or they are "affiliate" sites that don't actually stock the product, but make money by referring you to the big sites and retailers that do stock the product.
  • But ... here are the buts; although 99% of the sites are legit and will provide excellent service, you do run the risk of landing on a site advertising a super-low price, that is in that 1% of sites that are not as dependable
  • And ... individual sites just don't have the volume purchasing power that Amazon has, or the inventory flexibility that an ebay seller might have, so it is difficult to find a better deal than Amazon or ebay on an individual site. Not that you can't find a great deal at one off these sites, you sometimes can, but the odds for the best deals are with the "Big Two."

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Now You Know Where to Buy a Wine Aerator

Want some recommendations?

Hopefully this information will help you decide where to look for your best and safest deal on wine aerators, but if you would still like some recommendations, we have these:

For the:

The Purist, the True Oenophile - We feel this type of wine lover would prefer using a true crystal wine decanter and silver or pewter wine funnel to aerate their wine. In this process the funnel provides slight aeration as the wine is poured through it into the wine decanter, but the traditional aeration takes place as the wine sits in the decanter interacting with the air along its surface. Crystal wine decanters and Wine Funnels. Bear in mind this type of wine person might love a pour-through wine aerator, like the classic Vino2 also, just give it some thought.

The Modernist, the one that has to have all the latest wine accessories - This is an easy one - The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator and stand. It has the most modern appearance, a unique aerating sound when used, and is the most recognized name in the wine accessory market.  They might also like the Vino2 or Soire wine aerator, they are pour-through aerators also, but each has a different styling. The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator and The Decantus or Soire Wine Aerator

The Ambivalent Wine Lover - This is a wine lover that just wants the benefits of wine aeration, appearance or tradition aren't as important as performance and ease of use. For this wine person you need to give more thought to their personality. Odds are they would prefer the same choices as the Modernist above, but they may also like the ease of just decanting their wine before-hand and not have to worry about aerating their wine as they drink it. In this case, the wine decanter and wine funnel choices might appeal to them.

Wine Aerator and Wine Gift Ideas

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Capsule Subtitle: Don't display this capsule: Background: Only available when aligned right.whitegreyblue * RSS Feed Settings * Help Feed URL Maximum number of items to display Display method Use the RSS Capsule to displays headlines base | Source

Wine Aerator and Wine Gift Ideas

Hubs like Wine Aerator and Wine Gift Ideas benefit from relevant keyword phrases, like Wine aerator, and then mention some brands like; vinturi essential or decantus, or soire to help a hub get found by the search engines. a second phrase like wine gift ideas help with adsense.


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