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Buy the Best Wine Funnel for Decanting Wine

Updated on June 23, 2011

A Wine Funnel for Decanting Wine into a Reidel Decanter

A Wine Funnel for Decanting Wine into a Reidel Decanter, or any crystal decanter, is an essential tool to aerate wine. Depending on how serious you are about your wine, this wine accessory can be as simple as a tin or glass wine funnel, or as special as a pewter wine funnel, or maybe even a silver wine funnel heirloom.

Regardless of the type of funnel you use, it will serve at least the function of giving you a larger target to hit as you pour the wine into a decanter, and if it is a proper wine funnel it will also help filter and aerate wine as it flows in.

As long as you are decanting wine into a true wine decanter, with a wide base to allow maximum surface-to-air contact, it doesn't matter if it's not a crystal wine decanter made by Riedel, wine only cares about surface space to aerate, not if it is a $350 lead crystal wine decanter.

A good wine funnel will have a removable sediment filter, and sometimes a curved throat to direct the poured wine against the side of the decanter to further aerate it as it flows into the wine decanter you are using.

One of the surest places to get the best price, or a special deal on the perfect wine funnel is ebay, the nets' largest online market place. Whether you are looking for a simple stainless steel wine funnel, a glass wine funnel, or even a silver or pewter wine funnel, you can be sure ebay is the best place to find super prices and maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime bargain.

Want to know more about how to aerate wine and decanting wine?

silver wine funnel
silver wine funnel

Antique Silver Wine Funnel

A Silver Wine Funnel is not a necessity, a wine funnel can be a simple stainless steel or glass funnel and still perform the same job - get the wine into the wine decanter without spilling. If it includes a sediment filter, that's a plus. So would a throat designed to help aerate wine.

But ... if you are a serious wine lover who values the process of properly decanting wine. And doing it with stylishly proper wine tools, then you should take a look at some of these silver wine funnels

It doesn't have to be an antique, although many are, it is the quality of the materials and the workmanship of the silversmith that will determine the real value of a silver wine funnel.

Imagine adding a Fogelberg or other Georgian silver wine funnel to your crystal Rojuas wine decanter set.

Or maybe it is a Hutton or Hallmarked English wine funnel that would best compliment that Waterford Lismore cut-crystal decanter and wine goblets or Reidel Wine decanter set with baccarat stemware.

Of course the choice is yours, how serious and traditional are you when it comes to proper wine preparation and service?

... but remember the antique silver funnel you saw and liked on ebay now, is probably a one-of-a-kind deal, not a regular inventory item. So ... if you like it, make a decision. Don't let someone else snatch it up while you procastinate.

Pewter Wine Funnel

Sometimes the graceful simplicity of a Pewter Wine Funnel may be just what you are looking for.

Even though there are many famous English Hallmarked silver wine funnels, the English, and French. also crafted pewter wine funnels. It would not be an unusual match to add a handcrafted pewter wine funnel to that Waterford decanter set and wine goblets in your wine sideboy.

Royal Selanger is a recognized name among pewter wine funnel collectors. As is French Goardere and Georgian wine funnels.

Distinguished by their craftsmanship, these wine funnels would look great decanting wine into a wine decanter set by Waterford or Riedel. Wine goblets or stemware matching the decanter pattern would complete the presentation.

... and just like the silver wine funnel you saw above, many of the pewter wine funnels on ebay are also one-of offerings that won't be around again. So ...

Stainless Steel Wine Funnel

A Stainless Steel Wine Funnel, like silver and pewter, will also last almost forever, and can be a wine accessory to be passed on to a new generation of wine lovers.

Stainless steel wine funnels are usually more "modern" in appearance. More sleek, more in tune with some of the Duck or Sommelier style Riedel wine decanters and stemless wine glasses.

As you will see below, many times a stainless steel wine funnel will be part of a set that includes a stand and sediment filter.

Glass Wine Funnel

A Glass Wine Funnel is not unusual. You can still find antique glass wine funnels, and well as new ones.

There would probably be more antique glass wine funnels around if there had not been so many real wine lovers, (read drinkers), in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Many times a glass wine funnel will have handles to make it easier to use them. They would also use muslin inserts to filter sediment instead of removable metal filters.

Copper Wine Funnel

A Copper Wine Funnel is a pretty unusual find. Sometimes they are here, sometimes they are not.

If you see any listed on the right - be sure to check it out. It would make a great wine tool or collectible to add to your other wine accessories.

Wine Funnel and Wine Decanter Updates

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Use a Wine Funnel for Decanting Wine

Anyone who enjoys the complete wine experience knows it is a lot more than just swirling a glass of wine and savoring the flavor. It involves the entire process from start to finish.

When you use a wine funnel for decanting wine into a nice crystal wine decanter you begin the process that helps aerate wine, enhancing the flavor and fragrance.

And when you lay that pewter wine funnel aside, and begin serving your guests from your crystal Waterford wine decanter set, complete with Baccarat crystal wine goblets ... and you enjoy that almost as much as the wine, then you are a true wine lover.

So make sure you get the right wine accessories. You can have more than one wine funnel. It's allowed. So what if you already have a nice RSVP Stainless Steel Wine Funnel, or even a French Pewter wine funnel. Go for it! It's your pleasure. Go ahead and get that Fogelberg Silver wine funnel. You can use it with your Reidel wine decanter set too!

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Appletreedeals/GA Anderson on Hubpages
Appletreedeals/GA Anderson on Hubpages

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What do you say? Do you decant wine?

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      7 years ago from Deutschland

      thx that is helpful

    • profile image

      Rose Barrett 

      8 years ago

      Interesting hub. If you ever have questions about wine storage please let me know! I work for @grottocellars on twitter. I'd love to help.


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