How many calories should a normal diet be for a 69 year old man?

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    Paul Schoenkopfposted 8 years ago

    How many calories should a normal diet be for a 69 year old man?

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    Georgiana85posted 8 years ago


    Calories are calculated depending on age, weight, body fat, health conditions. My advice is to go to a nutritionist or you personal doctor for advice, you can have health issues if you follow the advice of someone who is not a doctor or who never checked your health status.


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    CharronGuyposted 6 years ago

    Enhance An individual's Physical fitness Routine: Modifying your personal physical fitness habit is totally mandatory. If you can't physical activity, begin the process of taking walks and running to start. All these easy workout routines will enable you to melt away the fat and calories from fat which often have always been put away in your system. It far better to have a run or go walking, two times a day, ideally once each morning and at night. In these instances you could go through the 1200 gram calorie eating routine. If you're a activities fan and also have a everyday activity, then it's recommended which often you stuck to the basic 1800 gram calorie diet program.
    Info: … eat-a-day/