normal or problem?Need some help/advice-Please!

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  1. H.C Porter profile image76
    H.C Porterposted 9 years ago

    My daughter is 21 months old. Just about every night (for the past 6 weeks) she throws up (periodically during the day too), sometimes she does it when having a tantrum, but often it occurs when she is sleeping (I'll hear her make a normal sound & then she vomits-or ill just hear her vomit) and she's awake-screaming. Despite being premature, we have never had any problems with her health, other than ear infections (a lot) and scarlet fever.
    I mentioned her nightly routine to the pediatrician-who dismissed it from being an issue completely without asking anything about it.
    I would really like to know if any other parents have had this occur with their child? Is it normal? Why is she doing this? Can I make it better?

    1. Phoenix 69 profile image59
      Phoenix 69posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I think you should honestly stick to talking just to doctors.  Get a second opinion if you wish but not from people online, okay?  I don't honestly recall that going on with my kids though . . .

    2. rebekahELLE profile image85
      rebekahELLEposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I can't believe your doctor said it wasn't an issue. it seems obvious something is wrong as she's also crying and uncomfortable.

      could be the formula if she drinks it. I would try to find referrals for reputable, compassionate pediatricians in your area.
      I also would refrain from trying to figure it out yourself, get a professional diagnosis.

      hope you find the answers your child needs.

  2. Cagsil profile image76
    Cagsilposted 9 years ago

    Hey H.C.Porter,

    I wish I has some good advice to give you. sad Unfortunately, I'm not married and never had kids.

    However, WebMD has a great ways to figure out what's wrong by symptoms. Please take a took and I hope you find an answer.

  3. TheGlassSpider profile image65
    TheGlassSpiderposted 9 years ago

    I'm in the same boat as  Cagsil, but I did find this site: … m/530.html

    I don't like that the doctor didn't ask you any questions. Is it possible to get an appointment with someone else?

    You're both in my thoughts.

  4. profile image0
    pinkyleeposted 9 years ago

    though i can not tell you exactly why she is doing this i can give some ideas

    she could have severe acid reflux, she could be rejecting her formula if she is drinking formula, i would seek another doctor's advice and as cags said webmd is good. i have never heard of the sight that spider suggested but would try it too.

    it has been my experience (14 yrs of child care) that it can be either of the two reasons i suggested then again it can be something more serious.

  5. ddsurfsca profile image45
    ddsurfscaposted 9 years ago

    All three of my boys had bouts of throwing up when they were young babies, but it only happened when I fed them formula.  The formulas like Simalac tend to be very thick and really do not taste good either.  I changed them over to canned goat milk,(it's concentrate and you mix it with water) and it has about the same fat content as breast milk.  You might try it, my kids all stopped barfing right away, and thrived on the goat milk.  If that does not work, and you cannot get a better answer from her doctor, I would get a second opinion from another doc, for it could be a sign of something that is really wrong with her stomach, or intestines, or something.  A doctor cannot tell you that it isn't anything unless he does a test or two, unless he is simply magic

  6. H.C Porter profile image76
    H.C Porterposted 9 years ago

    Thanks everyone who posted a suggestion. I am going to be making her another apt with a different doctor tomorrow morning.
    I hate the doctors office we take her to now. They never let us know what is going on-and every time I take them in, all the doctor does is check ears and listen to their chests and say it's a cold, ignoring my questions and giving me that 'you're just another paranoid mother' look.
    They let me know recently that my son has a split uvula, and is something that a ENT should look at him for just in case it is submucous cleft palate? What kind of practice says when the kid is 2 1/2, "oh yeah-by the way"?
    Anyways, sorry-needed to vent for a moment... Thanks again for the input, smile

  7. Jane@CM profile image60
    Jane@CMposted 9 years ago

    H.C., I'm glad you are going to another doctor, preferably a Pediatrician!

  8. profile image48
    brileyryanposted 9 years ago

    You may already have gotten a good response from the second doctor, but I thought I'd just add that one of my kids threw up every night around the same time when he was about 21/2 to 3.  Our doctor also said it was probably reflux.  He outgrew it, and is fine now.  However, I thought I would mention that I did see a mystery diagnosis where the child continued throwing up once a night, at about the same time every night for quite a long time.  It ended up that the child was having a seizure which was causing the vomitting.  Make sure to keep asking questions as long as the problem don't want to assume it's nothing because it could be something more serious.


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