What would you order if I said it's my treat?

  1. mrpooper profile image55
    mrpooperposted 7 years ago

    What would you order if I said it's my treat?

  2. MaryMaryQuite profile image56
    MaryMaryQuiteposted 7 years ago

    hmmm...would that be a restaurant or you can cook whatever I would want to eat as a treat.  Restaurant- menu is stuffed steak with rolled up crab-scampies dish and Cheraz wine with fresh basil-tomatoes salad and fresh hot steaming bread with side butter, baked potatoes with chives and sour-cream.  After dinner Congnac with fun conversations.  Now, inexpensive fast food would be Popeye chicken take-out and Corona beer...

  3. nifty@50 profile image75
    nifty@50posted 7 years ago

    Surf & Turf, Steak & Lobster the best that the land and sea have to offer! Granted they're not the healthiest things on the menu, but once in a while you've got to live a little. A good light fruity  wine like a White Zinfandel and for desert, Fudge Overboard, brownie topped with ice cream with fudge and walnuts.