whats use of yeast in bakery industry

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    poonam malpaniposted 7 years ago

    whats use of yeast in bakery industry

    is it necessary to use yeast? what other option/

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    sukmrsingposted 7 years ago

    yes  it is necessary  to use yeast  to get puffiness, mesh like structure in bakery products  such as bread , crackers  and  cakes .

    Role of Yeast  and types

    Commercial yeast are of two types - Compressed yeast and Dry yeast

    Compressed yeast - These can be further calssified as

        * Breweries yeast - It acts on malt to give alcohol and carbon dioxide.
        * Distillers yeast- It acts on molasses to give alcohol and carbon dioxide .
        * Bakers yeast - It acts on sugar to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Carbon dioxide is the main by product.

    Other features of compressed yeast

        * Its available in cake form
        * Its cheaper than dry yeast
        * Moisture content is 80%
        * Life of compressed yeast is 5 days
        * Cell usage is 90-95%

    Dry Yeast

        * Its costlier than Compressed yeast
        * Its is available in powder form
        * Moisture is around 5%
        * Life of dry yeast is more than one year
        * Cell usage around 60%

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    ssaulposted 7 years ago

    for me it is when i am making bakes and bread without yeast my bread and bakes are tough and hard to eat! yeast just makes the dough softer and lighter