Yak Steak

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    nepaltrekguideposted 8 years ago

    My clients the group of 13 spanish groups don't listen to me what I tell them that don't eat meats becasue it is not allowed to eat & kill animals here in the upper everest valley Everest National Park Area, but they eat yak steaks for every dinner & lunch times thats during Everest Base Camp Trek last october. They told me that they they want to eat yak steaks because they need more power/energy to have more power to walk.

    I would like to know that is it really get more power from eating yak steaks???

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    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    I don't know about yak specifically, not having been in the part(s) of the world where yak is available to eat...but I do know that red meat protein makes a huge difference in physical strength, endurance, and attitude.  Various armies, when capturing enemy soldiers, have made it a first order of business to deny meat to the prisoners for that very reason--to weaken both their will and their bodies and make them easier to control.

    Also, on a personal level, I was raised as a rancher's son, eating beef and wild game.  When I was in my early thirties, I tried going vegetarian...but didn't last long.  In those years, I did at least 30 pushups every day.  After ninety days of eating no meat, I missed my pushup count for the first time in years.  As soon as I ate ONE MEAL with a large portion of red meat included, I regained the lost strength.

    Peoples who have lived from birth without meat may not need it, but I'm willing to believe many of us do, indeed, gain from eating yak steaks or the equivalent.

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    Madame Xposted 8 years ago

    I would agree with that. I work at a farmers market and while the physical labor is not too intense I must eat protein to be comfortable doing it. I usually have fish, only because I prefer it over red meat.