How can I fried egg please explain me in detail..??

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    baderoo7posted 6 years ago

    How  can  I  fried   egg   please  explain  me  in  detail..??

  2. queen cleopatra profile image91
    queen cleopatraposted 6 years ago

    2 ways to fry eggs:

    1. Sunny-side-up - The egg white is cooked while the egg yolk is still whole and runny or half-cooked. The trick here is to heat the oil until smoke appears so that egg will not stick to pan. It's best to use teflon-coated frying pan. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top while cooking. Also, you need to splash oil on top using a spoon.

    2. Scrambled eggs - Egg white and yolk are mixed before cooking. The scrambled egg is more versatile because almost anything can be added to improve taste and appearance -- from chopped onions and bacon or ham, grated cheese, to flaked crab meat. Only a small amount of oil is needed to cook scrambled eggs or omelet. Seasoning may be salt only or some spices like powdered pepper.