How do you best harness the power of robot slaves?

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  1. glassvisage profile image90
    glassvisageposted 6 years ago

    How do you best harness the power of robot slaves?

  2. Carole Anzovin profile image57
    Carole Anzovinposted 6 years ago

    Some people think it's as easy as flipping the 'on' switch, but to me, robot slave labor is all about timing and integration. Do I want my dish washing slave and my laundry slave to work sequentially, or simultaneously? Do I want to have my bread baking slave serve up its delicious product before lunch, or after?

    All this and more, I owe to the electric grid. Without electricity and robot slaves, why, I'd have to start training my two year old to do my housework. And have you ever seen a two year old clean a kitchen? It really doesn't get cleaner. It gets dirtier.

    Thank heavens for my robot army.

  3. starstream profile image76
    starstreamposted 6 years ago

    actually I may be a slave to them now considering time spent and random results. Maybe I need upgraded brain waves.

  4. mepperly profile image69
    mepperlyposted 6 years ago

    the easiest way to harness the power of robot slaves it toe program the be your slave in the first place.

  5. parrster profile image82
    parrsterposted 6 years ago

    First write down your top five disliked tasks; you know, those mundane, time consuming jobs that suck life from you. Of course, exercise discernment here. Wasting your robot slave on tasks such as dressing you or brushing your teeth smacks of laziness and may breed contempt in your minion (robot contempt ain't pretty; seen 'I Robot').
    For me the tasks might be: 1.mowing the lawn; 2.emptying the trash; 3.loading the dishwasher; 4.vacuuming; 5.doing the laundry. (actually, I don't do the laundry, my wife slave does, but you get my point). Determine which tasks share similar requirements. For example, mowing the lawn and vacuuming could be performed by the same robot, as both require simply walking back and forth in a sequential lined pattern; this is important because robots are expensive and therefore you want to purchase as few as possible.
    Next, you have to consider powering your slave. Personally I favour solar. My minions would be stored outside during daylight hours camouflaged as pot plants; less for aesthetic reasons as not wanting to draw unwanted attention; most robots are shy creatures.
    Last of all, disciplinary action; what to do when your robot slave plays up. It's important to act quickly so as to prevent the bad behaviour being picked up by the others. Scolding is useless, and avoid lecturing as they actually enjoy it; as they do standing in the corner or time out. I've found what works best is getting them to watch  those segments of Star Wars where Jedi are hacking limbs of robots; then walk around every morning with one of those cheap plastic light-sabres in your hand; robots don't know the difference and it will instil in them a healthy respect.

  6. Grime Remix profile image60
    Grime Remixposted 6 years ago

    they should have spell check when your not on the computer.  someone to talk to that won't tell anyone else.  they should cook and wash dishes plus other chores.   

    i guess robot slaves would make the best military too.


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