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    Collections and Hobbies

    8 months ago

    Have you enjoyed a special hobby such as collecting? I started with a rock collection which inspired me towards an interest in geology and the sciences in general. Of course many collect baseball cards and coins too.

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    Gifts For Friends and Family

    8 months ago

    We want to show our appreciation by giving gifts to our friends and family. Sometimes there isn't enough time to shop or money for numerous trips to the store. Why not shop online instead?

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    Love Energy Unseen

    8 months ago

    Be aware of the power of Light and the energy of Love all around you today. I give examples of how light changes our everyday life and influences our mind. Love's healing energy is at our fingertips.

  • Bucket List Winner

    Bucket List Winner

    8 months ago

    Today is the best day of your life to create your own Bucket List. Enjoy reading about my experience with a new list of rewoven dreams and unseen treasures yet to be discovered.

  • 17

    Finding a Treasure

    8 months ago

    Hidden Treasure is something we all long to find. I express my thoughts and Impression of the value of life and Time. Take a few hours to explore your unique presence in this world.

  • Finding Antique Treasures

    Finding Antique Treasures

    8 months ago

    You too can find antique treasures. They may either be hidden in your local thrift shop or in the back of grandma's garage. It is a fun hobby to search for items which are decades old. Tips follow.



    8 months ago

    2024 is just around the corner. It isn't too soon to introduce some new ideas and changes to our lifestyle. These ideas are presented as options to empower us . Join us and make your list now.

  • 11

    Gold In California....Dreams

    8 months ago

    My California Gold is found in the memories which we created together along the river banks in gold country. This is a tribute to our destiny and dreams we explored .

  • 13

    Finding Vintage Treasures

    7 months ago

    My interest in Vintage collectibles has inspired me to share information on how to find Vintage items which may be hidden away in your own family garage or attic. Treasure the history.

  • 11

    Bucket List Make one

    8 months ago

    Create your own bucket list for 2023. This is the moment for you to decide on what some of the most important explorations and goals are for your life. Read my suggestions and list here to inspire your dreams for success.

  • 21

    A Thank You For Today

    7 months ago

    A thankful heart will open new paths for our lives. As we take each step on our journey through life we become aware of the passing of time. We need to focus on the moment and sense the presence of our own thankful spirit. Life is a journey and we miss so much by rushing to the next event whether...

  • 12 Gifts of Love

    12 Gifts of Love

    8 months ago

    My 12 Gifts of Love article illustrates the many ways we are creating our lives on a daily basis given choices of what we spend our time thinking about. Our individual and very unique qualities need to be valued and shared. Join me today in sharing some new ideas for our future.

  • Shop Goodwill

    Shop Goodwill

    7 months ago

    Trash to treasure can be a story for you too if you decide to Shop Goodwill. Every once in awhile I find a piece of history,vintage clothes or jewelry at the Goodwill store in my neighborhood.

  • 28

    Money Saving Tips For Today

    9 months ago

    Saving money these days is crucial to being able to afford to pay bills, take a vacation or buy that new pair of shoes. Go ahead and read my tips for saving money here. I share some of my experiences which are helping my budget.

  • Dollar Store Merchandise

    Dollar Store Merchandise

    8 months ago

    Save time and money. Wholesale dollar store items are now available to the public. I found plants such as petunias and planter boxes this year at my local 99 Cent Store. These garden tips and ideas are shared here.

  • Oldest Plant Grown From Ancient DNA

    Oldest Plant Grown From Ancient DNA

    8 months ago

    Plant tissue which is 32,000 years old is said to yield life. Imagine what we could do to bring back plant species which are now extinct on our planet? This article explains the details of this scientific claim.

  • 25

    San Francisco Rock Balancing

    8 months ago

    This rock balancing performance is unbelievable. It is a remarkable sight to behold. You must take a look at this article and see it for yourself.

  • 40

    Oil Painting Orchids

    8 months ago

    Oil painting Orchids is a wonderful way to enjoy the joy of painting! There is plenty of color and shape to fill your canvas. This article explains how I progress in setting up my project.

  • Writing Your Book

    Writing Your Book

    7 months ago

    Begin to write your own book today. This article summarizes my observations of how a writer wrote his book in relatively short time. You can write your memoirs,a novel, or a book of poetry! Yes, you can start today.

  • Ruby Writer

    Ruby Writer

    8 months ago

    Ruby writer tells her short story about the writing muse. She loves Lake Tahoe and visualizes the countryside at this high Sierra mountain lake. It is a refreshment from her work in town.

  • Diamonds in My Garden

    Diamonds in My Garden

    8 months ago

    Oregon was a wonderful place to live. We had a country property and grew some of our own fruits and vegetables. The blueberries were some of my favorite plants in our garden. We lived in the foothills of Mt. Hood.

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    Gold Find

    9 months ago

    Gold find is about looking for gold and recalling a couple of true stories of finding gold in California. Looking for gold takes time and patience and yes, luck too!

  • 17

    Creating Beaded Jewelry

    8 months ago

    Creating beaded jewelry is an art form. There are steps which you need to take to purchase tools and assemble your beads for a project. I explain these important basics in this article.

  • Maui Hawaiian Gem

    Maui Hawaiian Gem

    8 months ago

    Memories of a vacation to Maui have returned to me once again. I enjoy traveling to a warm climate in winter months. Maui beaches are a paradise for relaxation and adventure.

  • Helpful Elves

    Helpful Elves

    8 months ago

    Giving to those in need is one way we can bring more help and happiness to the needy. Visit your local senior center and offer your volunteer time.

  • Treasure Hunting

    Treasure Hunting

    9 months ago

    I enjoyed the excitement of treasure hunting as a kid. My dad bought a metal detector many years ago. The most fun I ever had was looking for the medallion in the treasure hunt in Portland, Oregon.

  • Money Money Everywhere

    Money Money Everywhere

    8 months ago

    Do some treasure hunting. Find all that loose and lost change. Go ahead and tally the results. Be thankful for the small things.

  • 15

    Finding a Penny

    8 months ago

    Let's focus on our money especially the loose change which starts to drain our spendable income. I write about my experience finding money.

  • 3

    Lake Tahoe

    8 months ago

    Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places. Take a trip and plan to photograph the lake. You can enjoy roadside parks and beaches.We plan a visit to Lake Tahoe several times each year.

  • The Answer To Success Using Collage

    The Answer To Success Using Collage

    8 months ago

    Create a collage of your favorite pictures which depict accomplishments you would like to see this year! Do not hesitate to save pictures and paper reminders to add to your collage.

  • Angel For Your Journey

    Angel For Your Journey

    8 months ago

    This is a poem to give the traveler a special gift. It is an Angel for your journey.

  • Spinning Yarn

    Spinning Yarn

    8 months ago

    Spinning yarn seems magical. See exactly how wool fiber is twisted creating yarn. This yarn then can be used to create hats, scarves,or even handbags.

  • Remembering My First Ski Trip

    Remembering My First Ski Trip

    9 months ago

    Do you think you would like to ski? Enjoy the great ski video here. This is a fun family adventure.

  • Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    9 months ago

    The choice is yours. Drinking water is very important to all of us. How many of you have considered the choices?

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    Do You Want To Write?

    8 months ago

    This article explains the desire to write with expression and creativity. It offers encouragement to writers everywhere.

  • 13

    Writer on the Run

    8 months ago

    Go ahead and rise early so that you have plenty of time to be organized. I love to write and to paint so planning is an important part of my busy week.This hub mentions my thoughts about time and strategy.

  • 12

    Country Wishes

    8 months ago

    This blog contains my country wishes. It is a list of 12 wishes which includes subjects of our nation,families,health,and hopes.Everyone has the opportunity to visualize changes.

  • 7

    Taking Time For a Class

    9 months ago

    Go ahead and give yourself permission to take an art class. This hub is inspirational to help you allow yourself some time to develop your own creative ideas. I explore some suggestions about art.


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