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Exploring the arts has always been my favorite work.
Getting lost in the creative process is a refreshment to my mind. I believe all of us are creative when given the encouragement and opportunity.

Wherever you live and call home, that is the place you live and work and dream.. take good care of yourself by nourishing your body with natural whole foods. Free your heart and mind of negative thoughts and take some wonderful walks!

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Live Life For The Adventure. We are all on a path in time.

I chose the name starstream for my hub pages articles.

There are many ways to enjoy life while saving a few dollars here and there. I wrote a couple of articles to inspire you to shop for savings.

Painting, Writing, and Jewelry designing are my favorite hobbies.

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Occupational Therapy was my major in college and I still use many of the teachings in my work today.

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  • Twelve Country Wishes

    Twelve Country Wishes

    3 years ago

    This blog contains my Christmas wishes. It is a list of 12 wishes which includes subjects of our nation,families,health,and hopes.Everyone has the opportunity to visualize changes.