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Is there an acceptable age for kids to visit Hooters?

  1. adjkp25 profile image92
    adjkp25posted 6 years ago

    Is there an acceptable age for kids to visit Hooters?

    I occasionally drive by a Hooters restaurant near my office.  Once and a while I will see families going in that have children in the 7-10 range from what I can tell.  It got me wondering if there was a minimum age parents should respect when frequenting this kind of dining establishment.  What does everyone think?

  2. mailxpress profile image53
    mailxpressposted 6 years ago

    What a trip of a question.  Love it.  Let me share with you why I love it.

    A close friend of mine last year had a party for her ten-year-old son and had the beginning of the day at Hooters.  She contacted the few boys parents that he wanted to invite to Hooters (of course all close friends of his) and they agreed because of the time they went and how the boys all wanted to go.

    My friend brought the group of five boys with her husband to Hooters at 12:00 am on a Sunday.  The boys were loving it.  They said the servers were wonderful, smiley and happy 20 year old girls who understood the boys just want to have some innocent laughs and fun.  They got the wings, chicken fingers and soda pops, played games and got a handful of pictures with the girls.  The boys had a blast and they thought they were the coolest group of guys going.

    Two hour party at Hooters then a house party at home with family and friends and I was there.  Those boys laughed and giggled all day long.  Fun day.

    All the boys are above average in school, mature, respectful and well-balanced young men who understand they were very lucky to enjoy some innocent fun at Hooters with Ma and Dad.

    Going to Hooters for the party was a special occasion that was spoken about before going.

    I don't believe going to Hooters on a regular basis with young impressionable children is wise but I would not judge anyone for doing it.

  3. katielrose profile image61
    katielroseposted 6 years ago

    It's not like they're strippers or anything. The servers there wear more than women do at a lot of beaches or pools. Would you refrain from taking your kids to a public pool because there might be girls in tiny bathing suits?

  4. kayyluh profile image79
    kayyluhposted 6 years ago

    Well first of all I think hooters should just be for people who are mature. I wouldn't take my kids there just because I think the place is just ridiculous. But I don't think its that bad I just wouldn't go there. I'm sure if the parents think its a good idea then it's probably fine:)