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What is you favorite homemade chocolate dessert recipe?

  1. missolive profile image95
    missoliveposted 6 years ago

    What is you favorite homemade chocolate dessert recipe?

    There are a variety of recipes for chocolate desserts. Can you share your favorite recipe?

  2. albertsj profile image72
    albertsjposted 6 years ago

    I can't say I'm too picky, with this. I like simple. I used to love my moms chocolate mousse. I also like refridgerated, dense chocolate cake, but also love dense, unadulterated brownie.

  3. teaches12345 profile image95
    teaches12345posted 6 years ago

    Anything chocolate! My favorite all time chocolate is making a big, thick, round double chocolate chip cookie.  I always have them with a cup of my flavored coffee.  What a great treat!

  4. B. Leekley profile image90
    B. Leekleyposted 6 years ago

    When I was a kid, my little sister learned a chocolate cake recipe in 4-H Club called "funny cake" because vinegar was one of the ingredients. It was my favorite cake. Maybe I'll learn to bake just so I can get the recipe from her and make it. Google on key words chocolate cake recipe vinegar. One recipe that turns up is called "wacky cake" and looks like it might be like the one I remember.

  5. breathing profile image60
    breathingposted 2 years ago


    I just love anything chocolaty. But there are some many favorite dessert recipes made of chocolate that I’ll not be able to limit it to just one!!!! So I’ll bring up a few recipes that are my all-time favorites.  Here I go with all the delicious dessert recipes:

    1. Chocolate sheet cake can be made in cupcake tin or baking sheet.

    2. S’more brownies are another real taste. If you top these brownies with browned marshmallows then it will be a real hit!!!!

    3. Making a chocolate fondue in a slow cooker can be great dessert recipe by mixing different sweets and treats.

    4. Molten chocolate cake is simply yummy!!! You can make it at home and take the taste.

    5. Chocolate fudge is another recipe that can be topped with your desired candies, chocolate, cookies etc.

    6. Chocolate truffles can be an exciting gift recipe and can be made easily. Just prepare the chocolate base and coat them within chopped nuts.

    These are my most favorite chocolate dessert recipes. I love all of them. That’s why I’ve brought them here in the answer. There were some others but as the answer will be long, I’ve avoided them. Hope you love this.