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What are some ideas or recipes for a picky eater (toddler)?

  1. sunbun143 profile image84
    sunbun143posted 6 years ago

    What are some ideas or recipes for a picky eater (toddler)?

    He likes rice but does not like proteins aka meat.

  2. veggie-mom profile image70
    veggie-momposted 6 years ago

    Have you tried tofu? It's very bland, like rice. I served it plain to my kids when they were toddlers.

  3. sunbun143 profile image84
    sunbun143posted 6 years ago

    Now that I think of it, we do have a tofu dish that he eats, but I was hoping for some tips on how to get him to eat what we (his dad and I) eat, which is some kind of meat every night. I guess since it's healthier anyway, I can figure out some new recipes using tofu for all of us, since it is a good source of lean protein. Thanks for the reminder!

    I was also thinking of the whole "bento box" craze where parents make the food into cute works of art to entice their kids...I don't think I would take it that far (egg molds??) but maybe cut out his cheese slices and chicken into shapes with the cookie cutters I have? Or make faces on his sandwiches? smile

  4. Brainy Bunny profile image96
    Brainy Bunnyposted 6 years ago

    I would be wary of going too far to coax him to eat. Kids are smart; they know when they're hungry, and if they're sufficiently hungry, they'll eat. The best thing you can do is make healthful food available to him at mealtimes. If you're concerned that he'll starve (and most parents of young kids are, although the kids are usually not THAT stubborn), offer him ONE other option besides the meal that you're having (not one different option at every meal, just ONE think that will convince you he's getting enough protein, like a bowl of cottage cheese). With us, it was a peanut butter sandwich. My son (who's 6 now, and was a very picky eater from the time he started solids until about a year and a half ago) would often opt for the sandwich in the beginning, but as he got older, his eating repertoire expanded until he would happily eat cheese sticks, hot dogs, brisket, roast chicken, tofu, and even several types of fish (not in stick form).

    If you offer too many options or make his food fancy every time, you'll be stuck doing it for years!