What is a good mid afternoon snack?

  1. charliegrumples profile image42
    charliegrumplesposted 6 years ago

    What is a good mid afternoon snack?

    I'm struggling for something to eat in the afternoon around 4pm with my cup of tea. I used to eat about half a packet of biscuits until I was told my cholesterol was high, despite being skinny. Since then I've struggled to find what to eat at this time that goes nicely with a cuppa and is easy to get and will help to put weight on (so no salad sandwich type suggestions please).

  2. Jeff Gamble profile image75
    Jeff Gambleposted 6 years ago

    Round about 2 every afternoon I have a cup of coffee and almost always have a snack. Sometimes it is healthier than others, but it is always something int he "crunchy" food group that goes well with coffee. I'll have a small bowl of dry cereal, or a handful of cookies (low fat of course) or sometimes toast or a toasted bagel.