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What does dark chocolate represent to you, why?

  1. selene383 profile image58
    selene383posted 6 years ago

    What does dark chocolate represent to you, why?

  2. RVDaniels profile image76
    RVDanielsposted 6 years ago

    Great taste and better health. I'm in the minority here, I suppose, because I love chocolate but without sugar. The darker it is, the better I like it. Dark chocolate and cocoa is loaded with antioxidant compounds that remove free radicals from your body and help lower LDL cholesterol levels.

    My favorite way to have chocolate is to stir a spoonful of dark cocoa powder into a cup of balck coffee. Try it, you'll love it!

  3. Wizzie Crone profile image59
    Wizzie Croneposted 6 years ago

    Dark chocolate is pure luxury. It is decadent, and yet we have discovered it is actually good for us. I crave chocolate. I can decide that I am not going to eat candy of any kind, but after a few months, I am literally craving chocolate.

    Not sure why chocolate is so important. When I was a kid in the 50s, candy was cheaper than it is now, but we didn't have a lot of money, so every piece we got was precious. Chocolate was always our favorite. Today we can buy as much as we want, in spite of the cost. But now, we have to be careful because of the weight issue. Maybe chocolate is a luxury because at no time in my life have I been able to totally satisfy my craving for that dark, luscious piece of heaven.

  4. Gemini Fox profile image89
    Gemini Foxposted 6 years ago

    Luxury, decadence.  I've always viewed milk chocolate as the "cheap" chocolate.  Don't know why other than it's what all the brand name candy bars typically use and so I associate it with "cheap".   

    Love that dark chocolate is not as sweet and has almost a "tang" that milk chocolate just doesn't have.  Also like that dark chocolate candy bars come with different levels of cocoa content . . . and since cocoa is now deemed good for you, it makes for a good excuse to buy it! smile

  5. profile image0
    Emer420posted 6 years ago

    Pure serenity.  Like falling in love for the first time.