I purchased pink slime! Have you?

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  1. 4FoodSafety profile image59
    4FoodSafetyposted 11 years ago

    I purchased pink slime! Have you?

    I have turned away from the big boxes because of pink slime and make a special trip to another grocery chain. I have purchased their meat loaf for over 2 years and have been exceptionally happy. Until now. They too, have changed and the meat loaf I onced loved all $5.96 per pound had to be thrown out - it was clearly pink slime.

    I am devastated. I ordered meat loaf today from Allen Brothers. I don't like the price but we both work and eating out is more expensive and we both enjoy meat loaf.

    Why isn't ammonia in beef on the labels? How can Americans spend $5.96 per pound for this junk?

  2. etower036 profile image60
    etower036posted 11 years ago

    I am a bit confused about your reference to meat loaf. Are you talking about the Meatloaf pre-cooked and in the packages? Or are you talking about the ground beef that is in bulk rolls. I have to agree that the Rolls are vile because there is so much preservatives in those "Chubs" It is better to get Fresh (or nearly) ground beef from a store that has an in house butcher shop.

    However, if you're talking about meatloaf that is precooked, you can get ground beef from the butcher for about $2.00 a lb by buying larger packages. (not the chubs, those are vile.) Some local stores with in house butchers have bulk ground beef that is mostly for your group homes, hospital and institutions that use bulk ground beef. However an individual can purchase this meat at a very reasonable price per pound which comes to just under a dollar a pound. Average is about 10 - 15 lbs. But you can precook let cool down and then freeze hamburger patties, or bake a couple meatloaf off and freeze (after cooling down in fridge,) with the hamburger patties thaw out, then use the food processor and pulse till you get the desired ground beef you want to use in soups or in the recipes.

    Buying food in bulk is a great way to save money, but getting quality products in bulk is a challenge. I suggest working with a store that has an in-house butcher and see what deal they can give you on bulk meats. They are very willing to give you a good price if you buy enough. I also suggest getting a deep freezer for all that food, you'll be glad of the investment.

    Great meatloaf recipe,  (pre-heat oven to 375 F)

    1/2 lb ground beef
    1 tube or fresh 1/2 lb pork sausage.
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup bread crumbs
    1 tbsp italian seasoning
    1/2 cup finely chopped onions. (use dried onion and steep in hot water till reconstituted. Drain.)
    6 - 7 crushed saltine crackers

    Mix all above in a mixing bowl till well incorporated. Fold over in a greased bread pan.

    1 cup Ketchup
    1/2 cup molasses
    1 tbsp minced garlic

    mix together the above, top meatloaf spreading evenly.

    Bake loaf at 350 F for 45 minutes. test temperature with probe or thermometer make sure meat is cooked to 170 F. Set on counter for 15 minutes to let the juices set in meatloaf.

    Serve with Creamy mashed potatoes, or your favorite side dish.

    1. 4FoodSafety profile image59
      4FoodSafetyposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I purchased meat loaf in the deli, already prepared, ready to cook. I have done this a dozens times and have been thrilled - great meal for the family under $10 depending upon the amount of meat.
      I thought they had an in-house butcher - sad.

    2. etower036 profile image60
      etower036posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      What I was wondering, is the meat already cooked, or is it raw premixed. and then you have to bake it. I guess I've never seen pre-made meatloaf raw. Only seen pre-cooked by Hormel.

    3. 4FoodSafety profile image59
      4FoodSafetyposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      The meat is supposedly uncooked but when we went to cook it, it would never turn fully brown. It was "prepared" meat loaf from the butcher's section at a local grocery shop.

    4. etower036 profile image60
      etower036posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I would say as before, it is better to buy your ground meat and not a "prepared" meatloaf.  Your running a risk of food contamination because in meatloaf you have eggs and bread. Making the meatloaf yourself is the better and less expensive.


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