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Is carbonated water bad for you?

  1. dappledesigns profile image90
    dappledesignsposted 4 years ago

    Is carbonated water bad for you?

  2. Tolovaj profile image88
    Tolovajposted 4 years ago

    It is not good, that's for sure. Carbon dioxide interferes with your natural pH balance and it weakens your immune system in long term.

  3. DDE profile image22
    DDEposted 4 years ago

    I don't like carbonated water had it once and it made me feel ill in my tummy. It is bad for you. I agree with Tolovaj

  4. ChristinS profile image95
    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    Most carbonated waters are also sweetened with artificial sweeteners and those are bad for you.  A healthy alternative if you love fizzy water is to get crystals to make water kefir.  It can be sweetened with fruit juice and you get the benefits of a fizzy drink, with no chemicals and full of probiotics which are great for your health smile. You get one batch of crystals and you can make a continuous, perpetual supply so it's also cheaper.