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What is the most refreshing/pleasing summer dessert on a hot day?

  1. ChristinS profile image95
    ChristinSposted 2 years ago

    What is the most refreshing/pleasing summer dessert on a hot day?

    Personally, I just love an ice cold slice of key lime pie - but that's a lot of work and only homemade with fresh limes will do, none of those store bought ones that don't even compare.  I also dig homemade ice cream.  What is your favorite summer dessert when it's hot outside?

  2. Thelma Alberts profile image90
    Thelma Albertsposted 2 years ago

    I love strawberry ice cream with yoghurt and loads of fresh strawberries when I´m in Germany but when I am in my home country Philippines, I love eating fresh young coconut  meat with its coconut water. Yummy! Now I´m getting thirsty thinking about it. LOL!

  3. neildabb profile image74
    neildabbposted 2 years ago

    A passion fruit smoothie.  I first had them in Taiwan, and have found sources in the states as well.

  4. FatFreddysCat profile image98
    FatFreddysCatposted 2 years ago

    I'm gonna be a wise guy and say "a beer" because it's a warm day and this Yuengling Premium is going down very nicely right now.

    1. peeples profile image95
      peeplesposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I have to agree! The best thing after dinner on a hot day is a cold beer! When beer is not an option sweet tea will do.

  5. Ann810 profile image81
    Ann810posted 2 years ago

    A banana split dessert with chocolate syrup and chopped walnut toppings.

  6. DzyMsLizzy profile image98
    DzyMsLizzyposted 2 years ago

    Hmm... orange sherbet or a quarter of an ice-cold canteloupe with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top!

  7. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    There are so many choices a series of Hubs could be written ;-) I agree with Thelma being strawberry ice cream as a favorite. I lean toward either a good fresh strawberry milkshake or a pint of Haagen Dazs. I am cheating kinda' when I have either being diabetic. They each are considered a meal with carb count, but what a delicious and special treat on a 'hot summer day'. :-) Another is I like a bowl of fresh cut melon specifically water melon.

  8. Sam Montana profile image41
    Sam Montanaposted 2 years ago

    I would say a root beer float or an ice cream float. I have had them with both with root beer and another good combination is 7-up with vanilla ice cream.

  9. Matt Easterbrook5 profile image77
    Matt Easterbrook5posted 2 years ago

    Ice cream with any desert ala-mode is an all time summer favorite. Usually a nice peach or apple cobbler with that nice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream really tops it off. Homemade banana splits or sundaes is a nice treat to eat on your porch during the summer. Also chilled watermelons and fruits are also a more healthy summer time desert. Okay! I shared mine let's hear yours.

  10. profile image0
    Diana Abrahamsonposted 2 years ago

    Ice cream layered dessert with fruit such as sliced peaches or raspberries.