Why is excess salt dangerous to your health?

  1. lorddanielossy profile image46
    lorddanielossyposted 24 months ago

    Why is excess salt dangerous to your health?

    Excess salt in blood vessels has been known to increase blood pressure and also excess salt prevents the body from digesting the food according to my sister who is a doctor. .It is totally dangerous and should be used in small amounts.I have two doctors as sisters and a pharmacist as a mum, so I am well enlightened be warned.Also taking french fries as a regular food and foods with excess salt like pringles should only be taken occasionally.Not frequently.In addition condiments or sauce like maggi should be reduced.while used during cooking.For it is casinogenic..Thanks, leave your input.

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    Diana Abrahamsonposted 23 months ago

    Heard that excess salt can elevate blood pressure.