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Spicy or Nice

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    mdawson17posted 8 years ago

    On my 18th birthday my girlfriend had decided she was going to take me out to eat! So I had told her that I wanted some Chinese food! Little did I know that instead of Chinese I was being led to a ti restaurant.

    I ordered my food! Once the food was brought to thee table I realized I had made a humongous mistake when ordering!!!!

    The plate of food was beautiful in color and certainly had enough chicken to Fancy a feast.

    However their were these little berries that I could not understand why they were their!!!

    As I took a big oh Texas size bite; I soon realized (After about three champs) that I had a four alarm fire going in my mouth!

    What I thought to be Berries were peppers! And I mean "VERY HOT PEPPERS" was a complete understatement!

    How many times have you went to a restaurant to have a elegant night and it turned out that you ended up with quit a hot surprise?

  2. Sa Toya profile image73
    Sa Toyaposted 8 years ago

    never! I loves me HOTT food!

    But  have had surprises of the awful kind with food....

    like you take a hefty bite then find out it's snake or squid.

    Some of my cousins eat weird stuff like that, alligator tail as well.

    Well they were awful surprises to me anyway I don't like most meats- I usually have fish/sea food (prawns,scallops) and chicken maybe beef but that's pushing it


  3. nooyawka212 profile image59
    nooyawka212posted 8 years ago

    Hey, I lived for a year in India. You wanna talk about hot? Basically, if it's not hot, Indians won't eat it.

    Don't Texans eat hot Tex-Mex food? Isn't Cajun food hot?

  4. WriteAngled profile image82
    WriteAngledposted 8 years ago

    I went to a Thai restaurant in Edinburgh some years ago. In addition to the standard food, there was a Specials list. A note above it said that these were their specialty dishes, the dishes were hot, the chef  would not agree to adjust the level of heat since heat was integral to the dish, and the restaurant would not give substitutes or refunds for these dishes. Fair warning.

    We did order from the Specials. The food tasted heavenly, however, we were both streaming with tears as we ate, due to the heat LOL!

  5. irishsoul28 profile image53
    irishsoul28posted 8 years ago

    Mmmmm Pad Thai....yum! Actually had that for my dinner tonight smile Not hot but Oh So Tasty!!

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    mega1posted 8 years ago

    Oh good, this thread really is about food!  Some of the titles of threads lately leave me wondering!

    I used to adore any hot food - but especially hot mexican and thai food, but now that my tummy is outta shape, I can't eat it -so I have to settle for the mild versions of those dishes which most restaurants serve - or I throw the pepper in the hot oil just long enough to flavor the oil and then cook the rest of the dish.  Without the peppers in it.

  7. marcel285 profile image66
    marcel285posted 8 years ago

    I went out for dinner once with an indian family, who the mother, Serita, was friends with my mum. She had 2 boys around my age, (12-13), and they dared my to eat a spoonful of this sauce. I didn't hesitate, because it looked good! But it was vindaloo- indian hot!!If you've tried vindaloo before, you'll never forget it. It's one of the hottest indian sauces.

    I like it now, and have it occasionally. But a tablespoon of it when i was 12, scared the living bajeezuz outta me!