Soup secrets

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  1. hinckles koma profile image59
    hinckles komaposted 13 years ago

    lets share soup secrets ill tell you one of mine and you tell me some its always good to know more especially when it comes to soups my fav.

    always filter stock before adding what you will actually eat to the soup.

    1. profile image0
      cosetteposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      i also filter my homemade soup it tastes better that way.

      i also add a good healthy squirt of lime juice to any soup, canned or fresh. it makes it more savory and just yummier tasting.

  2. Cagsil profile image72
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    Watch pay attention to whatever you're cooking. Don't leave it unattended too long. smile

  3. profile image0
    PrettyPantherposted 13 years ago

    If you prefer a thicker soup without using heavy cream, you can puree some of your vegetables in a blender and add it back to the soup.

    1. caranoelle profile image80
      caranoelleposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      This is a great one!  Thanks for letting us in on this one.

    2. lovelypaper profile image58
      lovelypaperposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great idea. Never would've thought to do this.

    3. J Poindexter profile image61
      J Poindexterposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You can also add some instant potato buds to a potato based soup like clam chowder to help thicken it.  This also works well for some gravies.

  4. cupid51 profile image68
    cupid51posted 13 years ago

    Don't boil too long when you are preparing soup!
    It may destroy the vitamins!

    1. Dao Hoa profile image60
      Dao Hoaposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, heat will destroy the vitamins.

  5. cheaptrick profile image72
    cheaptrickposted 13 years ago

    I love Onion soup but choping onions made me tear up SO,
    I bought a tiny fan and put it next to my cutting board!Walla,no more tears!

    1. Dao Hoa profile image60
      Dao Hoaposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I just learned about this not long ago. sad

    2. sarovai profile image75
      sarovaiposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Cut the onion inside a bowl full of water. Then you see the magic. May be water will be

    3. J Poindexter profile image61
      J Poindexterposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      A secret to stop tearing up is to take a couple of wooden matches and hold them between your teeth when you are cutting the onions.  You will be amazed.

  6. hinckles koma profile image59
    hinckles komaposted 13 years ago

    saute vegies with olive oil or butter for 10-15min before adding to stock

    fan for onions is good and peel under water

  7. Nosh profile image60
    Noshposted 13 years ago

    A few drops of any type vinager at the end of cooking really brightens the flavor. ~ I Love soup

  8. timorous profile image81
    timorousposted 13 years ago

    A dash of ginger adds a nice touch to mushroom soup, or chicken soup.

  9. waynet profile image67
    waynetposted 13 years ago

    Just chuck everything in a pan and cook, then use a blender and blend those chunks!!!!!   eat...!

  10. sarovai profile image75
    sarovaiposted 13 years ago

    I like mushroom soup with bit

  11. aka-dj profile image67
    aka-djposted 13 years ago

    Chicken feet. Done like a regular chicken soup, but you eat the feet. lol

    No, REALLY ! big_smile

  12. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 13 years ago

    The secret of good soup is in the stock.
    If your stock is good and full of flavour, you can add mostly anything by way of vegetables/meat and it will taste great.
    I've seen beuautifully presented soup that did not taste good because the basic stock wasn't good in the first place.

    1. sarovai profile image75
      sarovaiposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Good to know the secret.But how to know without tasting? smile

      1. profile image0
        EmpressFelicityposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        If you make your own stock out of the bones from a roast chicken, you can't go wrong.  Just break the carcase up with your hands, place in a large saucepan and fill with water so that the bones are covered.  Simmer gently for a couple of hours.  Then strain through a sieve and allow to cool.  When cool, cover the stock and place it in the fridge overnight.  The fat will have solidified and you can just pick it off (chicken fat is actually great for making roast potatoes, or generally for frying!). 

        Some people like to add onion/carrots etc. to the stock while it's simmering but I don't see the point.


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