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  • My Inactive Hubpages Followers

    My Inactive Hubpages Followers

    11 years ago

    Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd check up on my followers, and see what they're up to these days. I had suspicions that some were inactive, or very up to little activity. Some, of course are rather prolific here on Hubpages. What I found...

  • the definition of insanity is

    the definition of insanity is

    12 years ago

    An age old definition. A call to action. You must make a change, if you want to see change happen.

  • a brief history of the chicken

    a brief history of the chicken

    12 years ago

    A satirical look at the process of evolution. A summary of millions and millions of years of processes, compressed to one single sequence of events.

  • a flower in the arctic snow

    a flower in the arctic snow

    12 years ago

    A story ( or parable, if you like) to teach the unteachable lesson. How do you describe something that language can't express?

  • husbands be responsible

    husbands be responsible

    12 years ago

    All to often a mans behaviour does not change after he gets married. This can cause problems in the new marriage. I look at addressing this in a practical manner to help overcome some possible challenges down the track.

  • salvation is a miracle

    salvation is a miracle

    13 years ago

    Attending church no more makes on a Christian than eating at Macdonnalds makes you a burger. The reality is, that the only way one can be saved is via a miraculous act of God.

  • just live by faith

    just live by faith

    13 years ago

     So often I see believer ridiculed for their faith. As if living b y faith was some sort of disablity, or defect. As a belever, I am instructed ti "live by faith". Not the kind of faith where all reason, logic and common sense are thrown out the...

  • how much are you worth

    how much are you worth

    13 years ago

    We all have a self esteem. Some good, some not. Each one of us is actually worth what someone else would pay for us. How much YOU are worth, is exactly what has already been paid for you.

  • the sinners prayer for salvation

    the sinners prayer for salvation

    11 years ago

    A simple prayer for salvation can't save anyone. But, without it, how can anyone know they are saved. I explore the implications of this conundrum.

  • my best pics

    my best pics

    14 years ago

    I am less than an amateur photographer but love taking nice pics. I like to think I have a creative eye, and have taken some really nice ones in the past. I tend to like scenery, landscapes and objects more thab action or people pets etc. Don't kno...

  • are we good enough

    are we good enough

    14 years ago

    Are we good enough to please God? Do we have what it takes to be "saved". We need to answer this from God's perspective, to get to the bottom of what makes us "good enough".

  • nature of god

    nature of god

    14 years ago

    If God exists, what is He like? What should He be like to "qualify", as GOD?

  • greatest fear survey

    greatest fear survey

    12 years ago

    What is your greatest fear. Take this survey. Check out the results.

  • assurance


    14 years ago

    Do you KNOW that you are saved? That if you died this moment, you'd be in Heaven, in the Presence of God, for ever, and ever? You can have this assurance.

  • meet God

    meet God

    14 years ago

    It seems more people are wanting some sort of proof for the existence of God. There is no such thing as proof. The only thing needed is to have a relationship with Him. Ask Him to reveal himself, and He will. You have to meet Him on His terms.

  • How to give and take constructive criticism

    How to give and take constructive criticism

    14 years ago

    This would be my no.1 point for several reasons. Constructive criticism is an oximoron. Constructive in that you want to make a positive change, improve or build up, and criticism, to pull down, remove or otherwise negate a negative. So, with that...

  • show your hubby love

    show your hubby love

    14 years ago

    Women often mis-read men. I give some clues as to how you can show them love in a way that speaks to them, in a way they actually "get it".

  • Origins Before Evolution

    Origins Before Evolution

    15 years ago

    Evolution is a hot topic. Controversial debates rage. One thing that Evolution still has no reasonable answer to, is the question of the source of life itself. Life from non-life.


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