Questions? Deep-down Submarine Cooks

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    nancy y. bonarposted 7 years ago

    What three things would you like me to tell you about cooking aboard a U.S. Navy submarine?

    High quality, nutritious food is the greatest daily moral booster for submarine warriors who spend around 90 days traveling submerged with little or no communications with the outside world. In fact, submariners know the time of day and night by what meal is being served.

    While these "sharks of steel" are up to two football fields long and can be as high as four-story office buildings, the actual living space for 160 men is only equal to a large three-bedroom house. Imagine that many people living in your home and with no escape!

    Within this "house" is a galley about the size of two large walk-in closets. This is the work space for approximately 10 culinary specialists/submariners, including a jack-of-the-dust.

    I'm acknowledged Submarine Force family. I've dived in boats, eaten soup-to-nuts meals, and extensively researched cooking aboard and crew lifestyles.

    Dive In with your questions.

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    china manposted 7 years ago

    You are talking about a nuclear sub I would think.  Mine were diesel-electric designed to find nuclear subs and kill them.  The smell of diesel is always in the air, after a while you just don't smell it any more.  BUT  the custard picks up that smell and always tastes like neat diesel even when it is just poured out of a can and heated!!  You find out how to fix that and the REAL submariners in the fighting boats will thank you for it big_smile