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Novelty Slippers - Funny Novelty Slippers For Men and Women

Updated on August 31, 2011

Novelty Slippers Make Great Gifts

Here's a real fun selection of novelty slippers for both men and women, great gift ideas, fun and comfy too! Novelty slippers come in all manner of shapes and sizes, there's lots of fun styles to choose from as you will see below.

Novelty slippers make great gifts, they are a fun, affordable, almost comical gift that will have recipients smiling as soon as they see them.

Whether you want to transform your feet into animals, animal feet, vegetables, plus lots more, see below for lots of fun choices that are not only amusing, but really, really comfortable to wear too. If you or anyone you know needs cheering up, get a pair of novelty slippers to make you or them smile.

Novelty Slippers

Everyone should own a pair of novelty slippers at some point in their life, they are fun, silly items that make your feet much more interesting!

They are also really comfortable too, there's so much padding that goes into novelty slippers, you feel as though your feet have their own beds, it's like walking on a mattress or two.

Perfect for keeping feet warm, these cosy feet beds are great for those lazy days and relaxing nights on the sofa. You'll never have cold feet in a pair of novelty slippers.

Want your feet to resemble old school trailers, Krusty The Clowns, Godziller feet, cows, ladybugs, carrots, frogs, two old guys, fur covered flip flops, tomatoes, polar bear feet, tigers or rabbits?! Look no further, your wish can be granted right here.

Novelty slippers are simply good, plain fun in comfortable forms, how could you not smile seeing someone with carrots for feet?! That's what makes them great gift ideas, anyone unwrapping a pair of these will break into a smile.

If you're wondering if these would make the right gift choice, they would. For anyone who likes a bit of light hearted humor, wants warm, comfortable feet that are super cosy and enveloped by lots of padding (who wouldn't?!), these slippers are perfect. If you feel the need to cheer someone up, these would be an ideal gift to brighten their spirits.

Whether buying these for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure that there will be lots of smiles and giggles when they are first put on. Why have boring everyday slippers when you can transform your feet into comedy body parts?! Having fun is a must.


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