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How to Make Authentic and Healthy Spanish Sangria

Updated on July 14, 2011

What is Sangria?

Sangria is a wine and fruit punch, common in the Iberian peninsula that is Spain and Portugal. It is generally made with red wine, fresh fruit, lemonade (or carbonated water) and a choice of spirits such as Grand Marnier, Cointreau or even vodka or rum. Sugar or sugar syrup is also usually added to the mixture but this basic, healthy option Sangria recipe will not be including same.

Authentic and healthy Sangria ingredients
Authentic and healthy Sangria ingredients
Washing the fruit in preparation to make Sangria
Washing the fruit in preparation to make Sangria

Healthy Sangria Recipe Ingredients and Preparation

The ingredients for this healthy Sangria recipe are simple and common to all supermarkets and even most small grocers' shops. I have eliminated entirely both the sugar and the spirits, to make the drink more healthy and a little less potent in terms of its alcohol content.

The first thing I should point out when making Sangria is that we should not be using top quality red wine. The cheapest plonk which we can find is sufficient as the mixture of the ingredients would render such as an expensive Spanish Rioja a simple waste of money.

I am using for this recipe a half pint of red wine, a quarter pint of each of fresh orange juice and diet lemonade, two small tangerines, half a Granny Smith apple and one kiwi fruit.

The first thing to do is to wash the apple and tangerines thoroughly, as we will not be peeling them. The easiest way to do this is to simply place them in a bowl, pour over boiling water and after ten to twenty seconds, rinse them thoroughly in cold water.

We should then de-core the apple with the special tool designed for same. Subsequently, half down through the centre and slice. Slice the tangerines, and peel and slice the kiwi fruit

Do you have the proper Tool for Coring Apples?

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This incredibly useful tool takes all the difficulty out of removing the core from apples or even pears. Use it to give your apple rings that perfect quality or simply to remove and discard the cores easily and conveniently prior to chopping your apples. This sturdy apple de-corer weighs in at one pound and is fully dishwater safe.
Mixing the Sangria ingredients together
Mixing the Sangria ingredients together
A glass of the finished Sangria
A glass of the finished Sangria

Preparing the Healthy Sangria

When we have all the ingredients prepared for our Sangria, it is simply a case of mixing them together. We put the fruit in a punch bowl or any large glass bowl and pour over the liquid ingredients. Stir thoroughly but carefully with a wooden spoon, so as not to damage the pieces of fruit.

If possible, we should refrigerate the Sangria at this stage for about an hour to allow the flavours of the different ingredients to infuse but this is not essential.

Sangria is usually served in large, bulbuous glasses but any large glass is sufficient. Add some ice to each glass and spoon in some fruit before pouring in some of the liquid. Garnishing the glass with a small twist of tangerine simply adds a little extra touch to the final presentation.

You may now enjoy your delicious, healthy Sangria drink in the comfort of your own home or garden and dream of those past and future times in warm, heady and beautiful Spain.

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This Video Provides the Recipe for a Considerably more Potent Version of Sangria

Why not make your own Homemade Wine?

Home wine-making is not nearly as complicated a procedure as many people would imagine - and it can represent a huge financial saving for those who drink wine regularly! The wine can be drunk as is or used in the preparation of your favourite Sangria recipe.

Below are some items currently available to purchase on eBay which could help you get started. Don't worry if you don't already have an eBay account - you can sign up as you go along for free!


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