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Pear & blue cheese pasta - vegetarian recipe

Updated on September 11, 2014

Vegetarian pasta recipe with pear and blue cheese

One of our favorite meals is pear and blue cheese pizza. You can see a link to the recipe below. We love it but there's one problem. When the summer arrives here in South Florida I am really reluctant to use the oven.

We try not to use the air-conditioning to save money and putting on the oven to bake just makes out teeny-tiny apartment SO very hot.

That doesn't mean that we have to go without the flavors we love though, thanks to this quick and easy pasta recipe. This only takes about ten minutes to make and yet it satisfies our cravings for the blue cheese and fruit flavors.

Another aspect I like about this is that it's cooked in one pot - there isn't too much cleanup involved when it's time to do the dishes! The ingredients, other than the pasta, need no prior cooking - they just need to be roughly chopped - so there are no complicated sauces to make and no special equipment needed other than a good, sharp knife.

Try the pear and blue cheese pizza recipe

Photographs © BritFlorida.



This serves two people

  • 6 oz. pasta
  • 1 large pear
  • 3 oz. blue cheese
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tablespoon pine nuts
  • Black pepper
  • Salad leaves, lemon wedges and fresh basil to serve

Here we go!



Place a large pan on a high heat. Boil water either in the pan or, if it's quicker, in the kettle and pour it into the pan. Once it's at a good rolling boil drop in the pasta. If you use salt, add a pinch also. The pasta will take between eight and ten minutes to cook but check on the box. Take your own personal preferences into account too. We like pasta to be al dente so I cook it for a minute or so less than the packet's instructions recommend.


While the pasta is boiling remove the core from the pear and chop it into dice. I do this on a board so that the juices from the pear will collect there. They help to give flavor to the final dish.


On the same board, thinly slice the garlic.



Once the pasta is cooked, strain it but leave a little water in the bottom of the pan - just enough to cover the base. Turn the heat on the stove down low and place the pasta in the sieve or colander over the pan. The steam and heat from the pan will keep the pasta warm.



Place the pear and the garlic into the sieve with the cooked pasta. Shake it well to combine the ingredients. Tip the whole mix into the pan, keeping the heat low. Stir gently to make sure that all the ingredients are combined. Leave on a low heat while you roughly chop the cheese into cubes.



Pour in the pine nuts and mix in. Turn the heat up slightly and tip in the cubed cheese. Stir until the cheese melts and stir in a little freshly-ground black pepper. Once the cheese has melted, serve at once with the salad, a wedge of lemon and garnished with fresh basil leaves.




Further reading

I admit that I'm addicted to recipe books. I never plan meals properly (I know I should) and I often find myself looking at the clock and realising that I haven't given a thought to dinner.

We also like to be experimental with our diet so the answer is to grab a cookbook and I can usually find inspiration for dinner in a matter of moments.

Italian food must be one often most popular in the world. I'm not claiming that the dish above is authentic by any means but it's certainly inspired by Italian cuisine. Find much more inspiration in these top rated books.

Use professional grade kitchen knives

Professional agree that it's impossible to cook with a blunt knife. Do yourself - or a loved one - a favor with one of these expert tools.

Studies show that cooks are more likely to cut themselves when they are using blunter knives. I know that seems odd but it's true. People are generally more careful when using good quality knives - with blunter ones the temptation is to be careless and this is when accident can happen in the kitchen.


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