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Toys That Kids Love

Updated on November 17, 2014

Little Superstar

Best for ages 6 months - 12months

The best thing about this lightweight toy is the choice of five great interactive songs that are sung by a child's voice or other songs with just the music of keyboard, guitar, drums or saxophone. My daughter was ecstatic to watch herself in the mirror and I think she really thought it was her singing when the little voice sang "I'm a star!" The selection of songs including "If you're happy and you know it" is very upbeat, and with the four little spotlights it really makes the child want to dance. The microphone wasn't a big hit at first, but once she got older it was her favorite part.

The only problem with this toy was that the legs for some reason didn't stay on because it was so light that it got kicked around easily. It wasn't a big deal though because they were attached again without any hassle. This five star toy is recommended for ages 6 months to four years old, but I found by reading other reviews and experience that the best age for this is between 6 months and twelve months. It seems to me that after kids learn to walk they don't have as much interest in it because it is a little small.

Play Picnic

Perfect for ages 3 - 6

Melissa and Doug, everyone has heard of these toys, right? Wooden and expensive but so worth the money! My daughter received the cupcake set last year and played with it almost non-stop. After she played with them, her cousins played with them. She didn't even care about decorating them after she put the frosting and candles on a couple of times, she just liked to put them in her "oven" and then hand them out to everyone.

It is strange how children like to play "picnic". My daughter also has an array of plastic toys that she likes to set up for people to "eat", and she also likes to use fake plastic knives to cut up all sorts of things (Play-doh is a favorite) so when i saw all these sets, I thought it was the greatest thing! I don't see any child getting bored with these at anytime!

Board Games are Still Fun

Ages 6 and up

Once you a child turns six or seven, he or she will really start enjoying board games even though interactive toys like the Leapster has made them seem a little less exciting. Board games are still especially fun with some friends, a great way for them to learn something positive while interacting together making board games a fun, wholesome alternative.

GAME OF LIFE was one of my favorite games to play when I was about seven. I had outgrown Candyland, but CLUE was a still a little confusing to me. There were so many games to play (still is) and they were much more creative than some of the ones out today. I never found much excitement in pulling boogers out of a fake head, but my son got a kick out of it until the batteries died a short time later. The game didn't even work correctly after the first few times of play. Real board games last a lifetime and the name GAME OF LIFE says it all.

Kids learn to address everyday dilemmas involving work, money, family. It is a great game because it can teach children so much about responsibility and what being an adult is all about. Kids also discover more about themselves and challenge them to think about what they want in their future.

Fashion Design

Great for girls ages 8 - 14 interested in art and fashion

I couldn't believe it when I saw this Project Runway stuff! Memories came flooding back to me about time spent with my sister and cousins creating awesome outfits. I vaguely remember an art set that came with stencils and pencils which allowed you to create almost like a slide show of your best fashion designs. When this toy finally disappeared, we continued without help of stencils and just drew everything by hand.

So this Project Runway Fashion Design Artist Set sounds simply amazing and if your child has an artists touch, I recommend this because it will develop his skills and encourage him or her to be creative.

Always Transformers

Top Choice for ages 6 - 12 years old

I realize that Transformers have become overdone lately because of the new live-action movies that were released, but for a good reason, the kids can never have too much! If Transformers had not been such a wonderful comic book, then cartoon, then animated movie, along with all the toys and memorabilia that comes with these back in the eighties when it started the first time, there would never be this explosion now.

So of course these amazing toys that came out the two decades ago are coming back because they were the rage then, they can be again. There are quite a few out there so that a child can have a pretty nice collection while still have fun spending hours just learning how to transform it. Like other toys they are cool dolls for boys, of course girls enjoy playing with them too.

This proves how many there really are!


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    • erinb62 profile image

      Erin Buttermore 6 years ago from Laconia

      you are right krissy72, but I think Transformers are even bigger than GI Joe!

    • profile image

      krissy72 6 years ago from Ohio

      My son loves transformers and stars wars too. It seems with toys that what was once popular years ago always comes back again.