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12 Reasons You Need Kinect

Updated on July 7, 2011

Why you Need Kinect

12 Reasons Why You Need Kinect - Why You Need Kinect?

You may have heard of the new motion sensing technology for the Xbox 360 called Kinect (previously Natal) or you may not have. Either way it is a really cool piece of technology that you should know about and want! Here are the top 12 reasons why you need Kinect!

Number 1 - No Controllers

One of the best reasons to buy Kinect is that you need no controllers to play. That means no more recharging batteries, charging controllers and is the very first video game peripheral that requires no controllers!

This means it is very easy and user friendly - you speak - it responds - you move - Kinect responds! Simple!

Number 2 - Cool New Exclusive Exciting Games

Kinect also features cool new exciting games and has provided many new exciting games with an opportunity that they did not have before!  

Just some of the games for Kinect include Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Fable 3, East of Eden, Kinectimals, Michael Jackson:The Experience, Zumba Fitness, Your Shape, Sonic Free Riders and more!

Number 3 - No Extra Cost for Multiplayer

Another great thing about Kinect compared to its rivals like the Playstation Move and Wii is that you will not have to keep buying extra controllers for multiplayer.  With the Wii - if you want to have a 4 player experience with Wii remotes and nunchucks and buy 3 it will cost:

3x $50 = $150 = Kinect's price!

So you can have Kinect for the price of controllers with the other systems - not bad!

Number 4 - Kinect is Cool

Simply put Kinect is really cool and that on it's own is a good enough reason for having it! Your friends will always be wanting to come round yours and play on it and at parties everyone will love it!

How cool is it that you can just say "Xbox - play" and it will play! How cool is it that you can just move your hands to navigate! How cool is Kinect!

Number 5 - Video Chat

A surprisingly rather undiscussed point is that Kinect also allows for video chat with friends and family.  So you can talk and catch up with them - like Skype or MSN but from your Xbox!

Number 6 - Kinect Keeps You Moving

Kinect will also make you a little less lazy and although you can sit down while playing most games are better standing up and meaning you may have to do a bit of that dreaded thing called exercise!  

There are already lots of exercise titles lined up for Kinect like Zumba Fitness and Your Shape which prove it is great for getting up and moving and maybe even losing a little weight - you never know!

Number 7 - Kinect Has Amazing Potential

Kinect also has amazing potential and really could re innovate and revolutionise gaming!

Imagine telling your troops in an RTS complex commands and they respond immediately or a game where you have to solve a puzzle by moving and using voice commands or a game where you fly like a bird!

Almost anything is possible with Kinect and the Xbox 360 and you would be mad to miss out!

Number 8 - Kinect and Xbox Live

Xbox Live is already fantastic and imagine the possibilities of Kinect combined! You will be able to play with your friends innovate games over the internet and play with random people and your friends and family co-op and competitively.  We have already seen the success of Mario Kart - with the Xbox this can go further and online play is standard - not a rarity! 

I want more!

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What is Kinect

Number 9 - Kinect is Different

Kinect is different and in the rather boring and similar game industry where everyone nearly always plays it safe - we should something new, unique, innovative and fresh!

Otherwise we will end up with boring games all like each other! Support Kinect and innovative games!

Number 10 - Kinect is Fun!

Kinect is fun!
Kinect is fun!
Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!
Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!

Kinect is awesome - just look at some of the reasons why you need it!


Number 11 - Everyone Can Use Kinect

Kinect can be used by everybody and that is a definite advantage!  The Wii was a massive success with older people and new gamers and Kinect is even easier to use as there are no buttons to learn and remember!

Anyone and everyone can use Kinect!

Number 12 - Kinect is Awesome

Kinect is awesome! With amazing motion sensors which track your body movement in 3D, voice recognition and much more and 12 brilliant reasons to buy Kinect - what more could you want!

If you want to buy Kinect now and get it on release day - do it!  

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