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Aion Gladiator Leveling Guide

Updated on September 14, 2010

About the Gladiator Class

The Gladiator in Aion Online is the strongest and bravest class in the battlefield. Instead of preferring to stay away from the enemy as much as possible, the Gladiator gladly penetrates the enemy lines for a heads on battle, and devastates, and butchers through the enemy defenses through forceful strikes of melee weapons. It is the specialization of the Warrior primary class, which has the luxury of selecting the widest range in weapons, more than any other Aion class. So it is not a class for the light-hearted, but for those who love fierce action. But what if you are confronted with enemy legions, as you are stranded alone to take on them. Certainly, retreat is the last thing on your mind with the heart of a Gladiator, but you would certainly love some tips and tricks, which enables a lot of thriving Gladiators that you would find among Aion gamers.

Be a Successful Gladiator

Save yourself the trouble of digging through millions of web pages, and wasting hours to get nothing substantial at the end of the day, by using a Aion Gladiator strategy guide, which contains all you need to know that takes your Gladiator to become the most successful Warrior in Atreia, and the most effective player, when it comes to progress. If you are stuck on a particular level and your inability to move ahead is driving you mad, this guide will offer you just the leveling tips you need to simply axe through every hurdle like a true Gladiator all the way to the end. The guide points out where to find the most fitting quests that can allow you to level faster than you could ever imagine.

But a successful Gladiator is only happy when devastating the enemies in the combat mode. How would you feel if your companions from other classes are scoring greater damage per second than you? That situation is enough to boil the blood of a Gladiator. But before you ever start to worry about that occurrence, this useful guide equips you with the right P v P v E tactics, as you prove by evading all the enemy tricks that you are a Warrior with smarts.

Stigma skills are another aspect that allows you to fashion your Gladiator to be the ultimate killing machine. But with such a variety of ways with which you can play with the Gladiator class, it will not be a surprise if the set of skills you choose for your Gladiator actually proves to be below par. The Gladiator Guide helps you with just that problem and enables you to utilize your skill potential to the maximum.

Just as in Stigma skills, the choices of weapon and equipment are as important for the success and survival of a Gladiator. With the option of selecting the most advanced level of armor and the widest range of weapons, selecting the right set can really put you in two minds. The Gladiator Guide helps you in making the right selection, while keeping you away from the choices that may not prove beneficial to your cause, while also explaining the reasons for the recommendations. And finally and most importantly, it earns you the convenience of ease in kinah-making. You know the Gladiator has all the skill to make as much kinah as possible, but this guide allows you to do that while wasting no time at all.

Get the Gladiator Leveling Guide

Guide your Gladiator to success by using this unofficial Aion Gladiator Guide written by Killerguides. The guide enables you to benefit from the latest updates, that the experts find useful for your knowledge, for free. Get it in time to further enhance your competitive edge.

You can download the Gladiator Guide by clicking this link!


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