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Aion Leveling Guide

Updated on February 25, 2011
Aion Online
Aion Online

Aion Online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. It's one of the most recent additions to the genre but with a huge community and thousands of players already. The game's success can be attributed to implementing proven mechanics from other popular games and adding many original and innovative elements, such as flying.

Aion is a unique game in the market no doubt, and even though it is in many ways similar to some other MMORPG games, there's more than plenty of differences which make it special, and even if you have previous experience in online gaming, Aion's learning curve is set a bit higher.

Possibly the most important part in being successful in Aion and having as much fun as possible is knowing the little (and big!) tricks and secrets which you usually pick up after months of playing the game. If you want to stay competitive in the Abyss/PvP, not having the esential knowledge about some basic mechanics and class abilities is not the way to go.

That being said, there's several expert players who invested a lot of their time and put their knowledge about Aion Online in a single, easy to read guide which should be a mandatory read before you log in the game.

This Aion guide will teach you everything you need to know about Aion, such as class abilities, game mechanics, equipment choices, Stigma skills and much, much more. However, the most important part of this Aion guide in my opinion is the leveling guide. Since leveling in Aion can be rather dull and at times really slow, having a detailed guide walking you through the quests and areas is priceless.

By following the outlined leveling path described in this Aion leveling guide you'll speed through the content and get to the best part, PvP combat and endgame instances, before you know it! Don't miss your chance to stay ahead of other players and make sure you read this guide through and through. It's an invaluable resource and a great thing to have next to you whenever you fire up Aion.

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