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Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide

Updated on May 8, 2011

Kozen's Aion leveling guide is the top leveling guide for Aion Online, Only recently published, it already received many positive reviews and it's popularity is constantly on the rise. There are a number of reasons why Kozen's guide is titled the best Aion leveling guide, and I'll list them all below.

Leveling Guide

The leveling guide in Kozen's Aion Mastery Guide is incredibly detailed and fast. It's made in a step by step fashion, detailing every quest you should complete and unlike some other Aion leveling guides, Kozens includes both Asmodian and Elyos faction leveling guides. Basically, you're getting more for the same price.

There is also a lot of maps and screenshots of areas or objects of interest which really helps you find them. Overall, this leveling guide is amazingly well optimized and will show you the absolute shortest and fastest routes when leveling any character or class.

Abyss Guide

Kozen's guide also has an Abyss guide which covers PvP in Aion really well. There's a guide about maximizing your Abyss points gains, plenty of PvP tips, as well as group and duel strategies which will certainly help any player.

Kinah Guide

One of the best additions to Kozen's Aion Mastery Guide is the kinah making. There are a lot of strategies explained inside, ranging from great grinding spots to private shop tips & tricks and auction house tactics. Making kinah with crafting is also covered.

Gear Upgrade Guide

The guide on enchanting your gear and improving it with manastones and godstones is also useful to every player and it's a lot more detailed than some other free guides you will find on the same topic.

Crafting Guide

Like other guides, this crafting guide is detailed and offers a lot more information than any other crafting guides for Aion I've seen. Whether your interests are in making gear for you to use yourself or crafting for reselling this guide has you covered.

Gathering Guide

If you don't know where to gather materials or you're having trouble getting skill points for your gathering skills, you'll learn everything you need to know about it in Kozen's gathering guide.

And more...

By purchasing Kozen's Aion Mastery Guide you also gain access to member forums where you can discuss all things Aion and discover new leveling, kinah making and other strategies. There are also dozens of video guides included which helps you gain further knowledge about this exciting game.

Why get it?

Kozen's Aion Mastery Guide is the best investment for all beginners in Aion as well as those of you who want to level up their characters as fast as possible and with little to no grinding. Aion is a fun game so if you want to keep it that way instead of being frustrated by it give Kozen guide a shot.


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