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Aion Templar Leveling Guide

Updated on October 30, 2009

About the Templar class

The Templars in Aion are one of the specialized classes of the Warriors, and are the fortification of any raiding or defending group. This class masters tanking in the battlefield. Whether it is offense or defense, their selfless art allows their friends to make the most of their attacking and counter-attacking opportunities during battles, thus making Templars very good team players. But if you are not being able to enjoy yourself as a Templar as much during the battles as you would like to, and if you are not being able to deceive and defeat the enemy using your best moves, there must be something lacking in your strategy and execution. Using an Aion Templar Guide can help you discover all the secrets you need to know to become a master Templar, and to become the envy of your circle of friends in your skill, which finds no equal in the game.

Download the Templar guide now, or keep reading!

Aion Templar
Aion Templar

Templar Guide

The guide primarily focuses on your leveling as a Templar. Right from the very beginning as you start your career as a Warrior to the specialization as a Templar, as you attain the Daeva status, this useful and easy-to-understand guide offers a step-by-step approach of leveling, especially tailored for the Templar class, and elaborating course of action which will help you to overcome all the hurdles all the way to a successful end of the final level.

But it is really during combat that you can display how skillful you are in utilizing the Templar class to its full potential. By using this guide, you can learn battle tactics that have been tried and tested by gaming experts, which will undoubtedly allow your team to rely on you to save their backs whenever they are in trouble, and will strike fear in the hearts of your opponents. Developing your P v P v E skills in the Templar class is where you can actually explore its potential at its peak.

This guide also directs you to select your Stigma skills in such a fashion that is least expected of you, and offers an explanation about what benefits or disadvantages different skill sets can bring you, thus enabling you to make the right decision. Surprising and deceiving the enemy is one of the specialties of the Templar, and with the right Stigma skills, you can benefit from the strengths of the Templar to the maximum by the use of the Templar Guide.

Since the Templar has a primary base of the Warrior class, it can make use of a variety of armor and weapons. All the possible weapons and equipment choices that can be useful in different situations are explained in the guide, which can save you from frustration and inconvenience for not carrying the right equipment. Not only will that ensure your effectiveness, but will also enable you to use your kinah sparingly. And as far as kinah is concerned, the guide fully lays out in detail the ways and techniques through which you can earn more kinah, and to keep yourself at a comfortable situation at all times in the game. It points out the spots in the map to find kinah earning spots, which saves you precious time, which your opponents would be wasting in a bid to earn more kinah. 

Templar Leveling Guide
Templar Leveling Guide

Get the Templar Guide

Using this Aion Templar Guide can make all the difference in your performance as a Templar in Aion, and not only can you become an impenetrable wall of defense for your group, but will also become a capable assailant. The guide also allows you to get free future updates, so you can be sure to be informed about all the latest findings and game secrets. Make sure you are one of the very first ones to benefit from it.

If you really want to stay ahead of other players in levels as well as other things, I recommend you give this Templar guide a shot and get it now!

You can also download the Templar guide and more Aion class guides here!


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